Shuttle cocks flying at breakneck speeds. Rackets splitting the air. Smash! Temasek Hall's Badminton Team trains their hardest, to smash their hardest. Temasek’s shuttlers persevere through trainings together twice weekly, determined to show their dominance against every opponent they go against.



Hard work. Discipline. Passion. These values fuel Temasek Hall's Football Team as they go hard on the field twice every week. They train together to work on their skills and teamwork, striving to be dominant on whoever steps onto their turf.




Temasek Hall’s Netballers strive to excel against any opponent that comes their way. Focusing on teamwork during their trainings helps them build a strong connection between the players. Once they're on court, it's now or never.



Hit hard. Throw forcefully. React fast. Stop mindfully. Factoring in the sweltering hot Singapore sun and the uneven grass field, Temasek Hall's Softball Team trainings inevitably cultivate patience, attention to detail, and the power to overcome fear. All of which forms a recipe for success to bring Temasek Hall to glory.



With table tennis tables in every block, every TH resident is bound to have encountered table tennis. However, what sets our very own Temasek Hall Table Tennis Team apart is the grit and strength they have to see each intense game until the very end. Being able to fully utilize the well-equipped and conducive space in our Communal Hall, the team is full of passionate individuals who train twice a week, and sometimes even proactively training out of their usual sessions to further hone their skills.




Taking on a "The best is yet to be" mindset, Temasek Hall’s Track Team trains twice a week at the NUS track under a welcoming and fun environment. Competitive events during Inter-Hall Games include a 4x100m relay (M & F separately), 4x400m relay (M & F separately) and a mixed medley relay consisting of 100m x 2(M & F), 200m(M), 400m(F) 800m x 2 (M & F).




Temasek Hall's Basketball Team burns with a passion for the sport. Aiming for the championship, the team trains twice weekly in our very own basketball court or SRC to build chemistry and trust between their players. Although this is the biggest ball sport our hall has to offer, the players handle the ball with ease, "Always hungry, yet humble."



Rain or shine, Temasek Hall's Frisbee team is always ready to put on a show! The players are not afraid to get down and dirty in the muddy fields to secure every last point for their team. Seeing themselves as the underdogs, the team trains hard to be the best disc throwers on any field.

 Road Relay 



“We run hard. And we run fast.” Having members run all over the huge NUS campus, Temasek Hall’s Road Relay Team takes pride in their craft. The speedsters grind on the tarmac to be the fastest there is, carrying the values of determination, grit, strength and perseverance through every run.



Temasek Hall houses two squash courts, and with such convenience comes consistency. The Squash team trains twice a week, smashing balls against the walls to release stress, while cultivating a strong mentality to perform well in high pressure moments.



Tennis is often perceived as an individualistic sport, but in Temasek Hall, we fight together till the very last point as a team. The Tennis team trains consistently twice a week at the SRC tennis courts, as they place their focus on nurturing the potential of their players.




Temasek Hall’s Volleyball Team comes together twice a week with a collective admiration for spiking, digging, and setting. With outdoor training sessions under the romantic night sky where approachable experienced seniors bring a strong guiding presence, players focus on developing communication and trust within their team.




"TH on 3!" Keeping their sticks low but morale high, Temasek Hall's Floorball Team always pulls through intense trainings to be the best they can be. Hustling on every possession in a match, they never back down.



Do you know what it takes to be a Temasek Handballer? Discipline, teamwork and tenacity. Handball is a sport of 7 players - 6 outfields and 1 keeper, with a goal to shoot the ball into the net. This highly physical game requires the players to never back down and continuously persevere through every play in a match. This builds players with strong minds, strong bodies and a love for the game.




"Satu, Dua, Tiga!" In a game similar to volleyball except involving a small, rattan ball, the ball is as hard as the work the team puts in. With training sessions twice a week from 11pm to late, Temasek Hall's Sepak Takraw Team cultivates determination through grinding tough late-night training sessions out.



While other sports train hard on fields and courts, the Temasek Hall Swimming Team aims to conquer a whole element all together – water. With emphasis on nurturing less-experienced swimmers and to make a name for themselves in the Inter-Hall Games, the team train 4 times a week to develop consistency in their strokes and determination towards winning.



Touch Rugby is an intense but beginner-friendly sport between two teams on a field. Unlike Contact Rugby, players do not tackle one another but instead, touch their opponents. With training sessions scheduled 2 to 3 times a week, the Temasek Hall Touch Rugby Team embodies hard work and confidence to navigate the steep learning curve, while simultaneously prioritising having fun and forging a strong team spirit!

Disclaimer: Photos taken were during Pre-Covid times.