On the Day of Ceremony

Please take note that photographs and video footage may be taken by NUS at this event and be used for NUS' archival, communications and promotional purposes. Photographs, video footage and contact information may also be taken at this event by permitted vendors carrying identification issued by NUS.

Before Arrival

  • Check the Ceremony Schedule to make sure that you attend the correct ceremony. Please arrive at University Cultural Centre (UCC) at least one hour before the start of your ceremony.

  • Check your lifelong email and/or SMS (Singapore mobile number only) for your seat number.

  • Bring along

  • Graduates are advised to refrain from bringing bulky bags to the event. Due to security reasons, bags may be checked by Campus Security officers.

  • Graduate Attire – The dress code is "shirt and tie". Ensure that you are properly dressed.

  • Listing of Graduates In support of the campus-wide initiative to promote environmental sustainability, the listing of all graduates and awards will be published solely in an electronic format which will be available for the duration of Commencement only. Click here to view the Graduate Listings.

  • Graduates with Mobility Challenges – Graduates with mobility challenges (e.g. wheelchair-bound, visually handicapped, etc.) should indicate the type of assistance required (if any) when registering to attend Commencement online or email commencement@nus.edu.sg.

Graduate Robing

All graduates attending the ceremonies will have to wear the academic dress. You can put on your academic dress at the Graduate Robing Room (UCC Function Room 1) before you proceed to the UCC Hall where the ceremony will be held.

Please note that only graduates wearing the correct academic dress will be presented on stage. If you have borrowed the academic dress from a friend and are not sure whether you are wearing the correct academic dress, please approach the vendor in the Graduate Robing Room for assistance. The Graduate Robing Room is open 1½ hours before the ceremony start time.

If your academic dress was not provided by the official vendor, you may need to purchase the correct item/s to be properly attired for the ceremony.


Seating Time

Seating time for graduates and guests will commence 45 minutes prior to the official start time of each ceremony. Throughout the seating time, a series of specially-prepared videos and congratulatory messages will be screened in the UCC Hall.

To ensure that the ceremony can start on time, graduates and guests are requested to be seated in the UCC Hall at least 20 minutes before the ceremony start time. The doors will be closed after the ceremony has officially started; latecomers will not be allowed to enter the hall then.


Commencement Etiquette

Your commencement ceremony is a dignified occasion where your academic achievements at NUS are honoured in front of the University's faculty, as well as your family and friends. We hope that in celebrating your achievements, the following advisory on etiquette in the Hall will be observed to ensure the best possible experience for everyone in attendance. 

Respect and consideration for others

When you are presented on stage, please accord due respect to the Presiding Officer when receiving your degree scroll by limiting your contact to a handshake. With the large number of graduates individually presented at each ceremony, any delay in presentation, such as those caused by the taking of "we-fies", would prolong the ceremony for other graduates, families and friends.

It is a happy moment for you and your fellow graduates, so do remember to clap for one another as you jointly celebrate your achievements.


During the Ceremony

The nature of the ceremonies every year is similar. You may view the order of ceremony proceedings here and the videos of ceremonies of the previous year here.

Hall Admittance

  • After donning your academic dress, go directly to the UCC Hall for admittance with your Graduate Attendance Card, then find and take your seat.
  • If you have misplaced your Card or forgotten to bring it, report to the Information Counter.  You will also need it for your name to be read out when you are presented on stage.

Start of Ceremony

  • When the ceremony begins, rise for the academic procession and, for Singaporeans, sing the National Anthem when it is played.
  • Sit down after the Presiding Officer has declared the ceremony open. Do not remove your mortar board.

Presentation of Graduates

  • After the speech by the Guest Speaker, follow the instructions of the ushers for your presentation on stage.
  • Hold the Graduate Attendance Card in your hand when you join the queue.
  • Give your Attendance Card to the Officials manning the barcode reader.  The names of the graduates will be read out in the sequence that they are scanned, so DO NOT change position with your fellow graduates after you have given the Attendance Card to the Officials.
  • On stage, wait behind the first red line and move to the second red line when the graduate standing there has walked out to be presented.
  • When your name is called, walk to the Presiding Officer, shake hands with him/her and receive the degree scroll tube. Muslim graduates who do not want to shake hands should hold a copy of a Commencement Publication in their hand.  As you are presented with the degree scroll tube, pose and smile for the cameras.
  • Leave the stage immediately after this.

Collection of Scroll, Transcript, Awards

  • As you exit the Hall, there is a photography station.  Pose for an individual shot holding the scroll tube.  If you wish to order this photograph, retain the slip given to you by the photographer.
  • Proceed to collect your original degree scroll, transcript and medals/ prizes (if any).  DO NOT change position with your fellow graduates when you are queuing to collect these.
  • Sign against your name in the register book to acknowledge receipt. Check that you have collected the correct degree scroll and transcript bearing your name before leaving the counter. Please take care of the original degree scroll as it is irreplaceable.
  • Return to your seat in the UCC Hall immediately.

Ending of Ceremony

  • After the presentation of graduates, the valedictorian/s will deliver a speech. The National Anthem will be played and the academic procession sitting on the stage will first leave the Hall.
  • Follow the instructions of the ushers to leave after the academic procession.


End of Ceremony

All graduates and guests are invited to have light refreshments at the foyer immediately after each ceremony. 


Ordering Your Photographs

The official photographer for this year’s ceremonies is Werkz Photography.


Stage Photographs
Graduates can order their stage photographs from the Werkz Photography booth at UCC from 11 to 18 July 2019 or order online at:

Login ID: <NUS Student ID> (e.g. A0012345X)
Password: nus2019
Closing date: 30 November 2019

Softcopies of the photographs are available for download from the same link 3 days after the ceremony.


Instant Off-stage Photograph
An instant off-stage photograph  will be taken after graduates walk down from the stage.  Graduates will be given a slip to purchase the photograph from the Werkz Photography booth at UCC foyer.  Please note that instant photographs will be for sale from 11 to 18 July 2019 only.

For any enquiries on photograph purchases, please email werkz@singnet.com.sg.  



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