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Special Education Needs (SEN) Fund

The SEN Fund is available to NUS students with disabilities who would like to seek financial support to acquire assistive technologies and learning support services that they may need in the course of their studies.

Eligibility Criteria
To qualify for the funding, you’ll need to:


  • be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • be a registered full-time student with NUS or has a confirmed place in the enrolment.
  • submit supporting documents required for the funding application. Examples of documents include: diagnostic or assessment reports, doctor’s memo, audiologist report, or letter from medical professionals/specialists/psychologists

Funding Guidelines

  • Funding quantum will be based on the needs of individual students, or as assessed by medical professionals and specialists, taking into account any AT devices brought forward from the institution(s) the student last attended.
  • The student will be the legal owner of the AT devices purchased using the SEN Fund.
  • The AT devices or support services listed here serves as a guide:
    • Accessible tools and devices | for example: mobility aids, trackball mouse, special keyboard, video magnifiers, braille embossers, FM transmitter and receivers, roger pen

    • Accessible software and apps | for example: speech recognition, text to speech, note taking, mind mapping, reading systems and writing development

    • Specialised professional services | for example: learning assessments, note taking, captioning and transcription, braille conversion, skills training/coaching sessions
  • Should the student wish to purchase AT devices, software or support services not listed above, we will assess the application on an individual basis.
  • The student will need to provide information, including the quotation or actual cost of the AT devices, software or support services to facilitate the application
  • Students may also apply for the SEN fund to pay for the maintenance of the AT devices due to wear and tear.

Purchase and Disbursement

  • Once the application has been approved, students who choose to purchase the items themselves, are required to submit the original receipts within one month of the purchase.
    The reimbursed amount will be remitted to the student’s bank account as reflected in EDUREC (ensure that the account details is updated).

  • If the student would like SAU to purchase the items on behalf, please put us in touch with the external liaison so that we can work with them on the procurement details.

How to Apply

  • Eligible students may apply for the SEN Fund by submitting an online application below.
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome 2 weeks from the date of submission.
  • If you have further questions on the SEN Funding, please reach out to
    Mr Teo Zhi Xiong at +65 6601 6932 or email