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Orientation Leaders

Resources for Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC) Leaders 

To equip all FOC Leaders with the necessary skillsets for orientation camps, OSA has arranged a series of learning programmes. From organising camps to guidelines for activities, you may now access these resources by clicking on the respective links below. You will need to login with your NUSNET ID to access these materials.

Updated as at 18 May 2023

FOP Guidelines

FOC 2023 Guidelines

FOP Briefing

 FOC 2023 Camp

FOP Framework

FOC Framework

NUS Orientation Leadership Seminar (NOLS)

The NUS Orientation Leaders’ Seminar (NOLS) is an experiential learning-based programme that aims to provide Orientation leaders a paradigm shift on the design of Orientation activities. The Programme is developed to assist you to meet your objectives while offering you a platform to share and discuss best practices with one another. The symposium will explore common challenges that Orientation leaders face and provide opportunities for you to be a catalyst of change.

Who Should Attend: Student Organisations’ Presidents, Vice Presidents, Programme Directors, and Chief Safety Officers

Duration: 0.5 day

Situational Judgement Training and Reflection (SJTR)

The Situational Judgement Training and Reflection (SJTR) comprises several real-life case scenarios that depict situations encountered during orientation. Orientation leaders are required to respond and make choices at decision points, and justify your reasoning and rationale for them. These case scenarios are developed together with previous orientation leaders, using their actual experience on the ground.

You will explore various reflection points on topics such as Purpose, Power, Process, Priority, Ponder, Potential Risk and Potential Growth. These reflection points are meant to equip you to handle challenging decision-making situations during your actual orientation.

At the end of the exercise, your respective staff advisors and/or Exco/Orientation Committee (O-Comm) will follow up with you to clarify reflection points and/or provide an overview of SJTR outcomes.

It is mandatory for all students to complete the SJTR to qualify as an Orientation Leader.

Duration: 40 – 60 minutes