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NUS Wellbeing Specialist

NUS Wellbeing Specialists are Clinical Psychologists who support the general NUS staff population, as well as specific employees exposed to stressful events. Together, we can help our people stay healthy and meaningfully engaged.

NUS staff may enquire and schedule appointments with our Wellbeing Specialist Partners by filling up the form here: 

Or you can drop us an email at

Your privacy is important to us. We observe the Singapore Psychological Society Code of Ethics and all consultations are kept confidential.



NUSHeart (Help Employees with Advice, Resources, & Therapy) is our employee assistance program. NUS staff seeking counselling support may approach NUSHeart for a confidential assessment, as well as short term counselling sessions held away from the University premises.
Intellect has now (as of 01 April 2023) been appointed as our NUS community’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider! To find out more as well as on information on how to download the app, please download out FAQ below.

NUSHeart, through the Intellect, will be providing: 

  • Self-care & skill-building programs within the app [New!]
  • 24/7 helpline access for immediate support
  • Up to 5x Counselling sessions per case

Contact 800 852 6317 or (+65) 3129 8095 or reach out to Intellect through the app

Click here for more info on Intellect!


It has been a pleasant experience, as my Wellbeing Specialist Partner has been particularly patient in lending her listening ear to dissect my predicament. She has also provided me with much insight and shared several frameworks to guide me in understanding my underlying value-system that drives my behaviour and how I handle external stimuli.”

Client who attended 6 MyWellbeing Counselling Sessions

"This was my first session. I'm very glad that the university is finally launching a very crucial and long awaited service to support us psychologically in these tough times. From my first impression, I'm quite hopeful that me and my counsellor will be able to work towards my goals together."

Client who attended a MyWellbeing Counselling Session

"I would like to extend my gratitude to your office for organising the wellbeing sessions for me.

Today's my last day of service with NUS and I am thankful for the service received!

My Wellbeing Specialist Partner has been very helpful and perceptive, and I appreciate the sessions I had with her very much 😄

Many thanks again and all the best to your team!"

Client who attended MyWellbeing Counselling Sessions

Health & Wellbeing Check-In: Frequently Asked Questions

The Health and Wellbeing Check-In is a complimentary and confidential service available to all NUS full-time or part-time Academic, Executive and Administrative employees. The Check-Ins are conducted by our Wellbeing Specialist Partners.

The Check-in Session is not counselling or therapy – it is a check-in for anyone who find that they may have some concerns that hold them back from being their best selves. It is a safe space for you to explore and talk through some of these concerns. At the end of the check-in, our Health and Wellbeing Specialist will provide you with individualized recommendations to help you address your concerns. You will also be provided information about the different resources available to you within and outside NUS.

You can talk to us about anything that’s worrying you – from minor concerns to major issues, from stress and anxieties, relationship difficulties, to grief and anything else.

If you are at risk of immediate harm, please call 800 130 1950

Please rest assured that your consultations will be kept confidential in line with the Singapore Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics.

Our Wellbeing Specialists, as Clinical Psychologists, are trained to be ethically bound to protect your privacy.

The following are exceptions to confidentiality:

(1) In the event of assessed risks to life, health or safety to yourself or others

(2) In the event that disclosure is mandated under a court order or otherwise by law; and/or

(3) You have authorised in speech or writing for NUS Health and Wellbeing to release specific information (e.g., for purpose of referral).

If you have specific concerns about confidentiality or what information a Wellbeing Specialist Partner is legally required to disclose, please feel free to discuss it with your specialist.

No, your Reporting Manager/Dean/HOD will not be informed. All session arrangements are kept in confidence between you and NUS Health and Wellbeing.

The Health and Wellbeing Check-In is meant to be a one-time consultation to clarify your goals for treatment and problem solve a specific concern. The consultation meeting is designed to be goal-oriented so that you can leave with a set of next steps.

If short to mid-term counselling is necessary, the wellbeing specialist partner will collaborate with you to understand you, your situation, and what you are hoping to accomplish before they suggest the number and frequency of the sessions. Please note that follow-up sessions may be with a different wellbeing specialist partner.

Sessions may be conducted either face-to-face in person or by video call. The specialist may even contact you by phone to check-in if necessary.

For sessions conducted face-to-face, they will be conducted within the NUS campus, at your convenience. You may discuss the arrangement with your assigned Wellbeing Specialist Partner.

The sessions are conducted on Mondays to Fridays within working hours.

No, all sessions are provided free-of-charge to staff.

Our in-house Wellbeing Specialists Partners are trained clinical psychologists and counsellors.

Each health and wellbeing check-in session will last approximately one hour or less depending on the case mix.

You may contact the Health and Wellbeing Team to schedule and appointment via our email address:


Wellbeing Check In

NUS Heart

University Counselling Services

What is it? 

NUS Wellbeing Specialists are Clinical Psychologists who support the general NUS staff population, as well as specific employees exposed to stressful events.

NUSHeart (Help Employees with Advice, Resources, & Therapy) is our employee assistance program. NUS staff seeking counselling support can sign up for a confidential assessment, or short term counselling sessions held away from the University premises.

Counselling sessions for students. 

Services and programmes are designed to not only assist them to address immediate concerns but to also acquire skills for individual growth. 

Who is it for? 

NUS Staff 

NUS Staff 

NUS Students 

Who conducts this? 

Clinical Psychologists 




Face to face, Video 

Face to face, Telephone, Video

Face to face, Video 

Operating hours 

830am-6pm (Mon-Thur) 

830-530 (Fri) 

Closed on Sat, Sun & PHs. 


830am-6pm (Mon-Thur) 

830-530 (Fri) 

Closed on Sat, Sun & PHs. 

Contact Information or 800 130 1950 (toll free) or 65162376  



Free (Up to 5 sessions) 


#WellNUS Guide for Managers

If you are a people manager, it is important that you help your team succeed and ensure that they have the necessary support to thrive. Refer to this infographic below to find out more.

Wellbeing Programmes and Workshops

Looking for a wellness programme or workshop for your team? Look no further.

Download the catalogue here

Resources @ NUS

NUS Care Unit

NUS Care Unit

The NUS Care Unit (NCU) comprises a team of trained professionals who provide emotional and practical support to all NUS students and staff – regardless of faculty, department or hostel – who have been affected by sexual misconduct. 


+65 6601 4000


It is also not uncommon to be affected by news of sexual misconduct or when someone close to you is affected. You may also find yourself affected for prolonged periods.

Please click here or the infographics below to learn more about Secondary Traumatisation and ways to cope with it.

stethoscope with medical record application form on physicians desk

NUS Group Medical Insurance

Staff can claim for inpatient and outpatient mental care fees (with waiver of referral letter) under the NUS Group Medical Insurance.

Find Out More

NUS Staff Portal > e-Services > Common Services > Medical & Health Choice > Click on 'Coverages' to view the benefits plan.


University Health Centre

The University Health Centre hosts events, and curates resources relating to mental health and well-being. Click to learn more.

Hotlines for Psychological Emergencies

Campus Security

+65 6874 1616 (Kent Ridge Campus)
+65 6516 3636 (Bukit Timah Campus)

Available 24/7 for immediate assistance during life-threatening psychological emergencies

Office of Safety Health & Environment

+65 6516 4341 (Emergency preparedness, fire safety & business continuity)
+65 6516 1084 (Laboratory, office & general workplace safety)

Lifeline NUS

+65 6516 7777 (24 hours)

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

+65 1-767 (24 hours)

External Resources


A one-stop local platform that matches users to
resources/helplines in areas including
mental health support.


A movement to address stigma faced by
persons with mental health conditions in


An initiative by the Health Promotion Board
to equip you with the resources and skills
to check in with those you care for.


Check out all the articles on
Mind & Balance curated
by HealthHub.

Access a list of helplines including IMH, Silver Ribbon, TOUCHline, and more if you need emotional or psychological support.


Learn more about mental wellness and
access other resources curated
by the Singapore Association for Mental Health.


Individuals and families in need of social work intervention and/or counselling can seek support from Family Service Centres which are community-based support centres.


In this course you will engage in a series of
challenges designed to increase your own
happiness and build more productive habits.