WellNUS Mental Health Framework

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Your employees are your greatest asset.

With the paradigm shift in the corporate, manpower issues have been a key concern to you, the business leader.  Findings in the survey done by computer software firm Oracle from July to August also showed that for 92 percent of the respondents, the meaning of success for them has changed since the pandemic hit. Their key priorities now are work-life balance, mental health and workplace flexibility, which were viewed as indicators of success by participants. With Singaporeans revaluating their definition of success, you will need to rethink your business strategies, re-recruit and re-woo the best of your talent in order to retain them.

A holistic employee wellness strategy that complements your business priorities can:

Research has shown the hard returns on employee wellness programmes with companies such as Johnson & Johnson reaping returns for their holistic wellness programme.

A customised Mental Health Framework for your business and organisational priorities.

As backed by a growing team of occupational health practitioners organisational and clinical psychologists hailing from both the private and public sectors, we developed an encompassing WellNUS Mental Health Framework that is:

The WellNUS Mental Health Framework is able to help your organisation systematically map out your workplace wellbeing support services and:

The WellNUS Framework is a hot-cold indicator for your organisation’s employee wellness.

Wellbeing exists on a spectrum and individuals go up and down on this spectrum over time. The WellNUS Mental Health Framework helps to systematically map out the different parts of a person’s wellbeing journey and identify the relevant initiatives and key stakeholders to provide support. It can assist your organisation in supporting your employees every step of the way; from well states, to states that may benefit from intervention and support and to recovery and back-to-work transition stages.

The WellNUS Mental Health Framework is also designed to ensure the organisation is accountable at 3 levels:

This ensures your leadership’s commitment is accounted for and that a strategic mental health plan and budget is put in place.

To ensure a safe and thriving workplace environment where mental health risks are prevented or mitigated.
This ensures that mental health programmes, resources and interventions are put in place.

The WellNUS Mental Health Framework systematically helps your organisation to map out existing wellness interventions.

When implementing ad-hoc programmes to combat workplace mental health issues, the positive effects of these initiatives are often temporary and unsustainable. It is like putting a plaster on massive cracks and thinking it solves the problem.

We foresaw the need to go beyond surface-level solutions, digging deep to synchronise efforts across the organisation. This results in a more unified, holistic, and structured sustainable approach.

A proper mental health strategy needs to be established to ensure that the wellbeing needs of all staff are constantly supported. It is essential to have multiple departments collaborating (wellness teams, HR, Safety teams, comms team etc.). This goes well beyond being an HR function and takes close collaboration between multiple stakeholders to support staff across the spectrum of well-being.

Consultancy-as-a-Service for your organisation.

We offer both standalone consultancy services as well as add on consultancy services to bolster the effectiveness of the WellNUS Mental Health Framework.

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