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1 The Pillars

The 6 pillars represent the 6 blocks making up Pioneer House (PH). This signifies the commonality and unity of residents living under the set of indispensable values encompassing mentorship and social responsibility, among many others.

2 The Wreath

The wreath on both sides of the crest symbolize the interdisciplinary community indigenous to PH. Residents are given opportunities to form unique, integrative ideas to solve ever increasing challenges in our world today.

3 The Lion

The head symbolizes courage, strength and resilience in the face of trials. Not only having an unwavering spirit when faced with obstacles, but to practice sound judgement under pressure.

4 The Oak Tree

Its size is a symbol of strength, upright morals, fortitude and knowledge, with its longevity being a testimony to the continuous growth as residents in PH must hold themselves to. It also represents the House's value of frugality and sustainable living.

5 The Open Book

An open book sits at the base, signifying that the pursuit of knowledge is a tireless journey, where the foundation of broadening one's mind begins.