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Frugality and Sustainable Living

A Chance to Give Back and to Pay It Forward


At the core of Pioneer House's ethos is the simple belief in the power of humanity. In line with that, we have embraced the theme of Frugality and Sustainable Living, as an intentional effort to remind everyone that they can do their part to contribute meaningfully to the House and the larger community beyond.


Here, the concept of Frugal Innovation takes centre stage and you will be inspired to devise solutions that do more with less. Your creativity and imagination will be your greatest asset. When resources are limited, how do you then create quality goods/services that deliver the greatest value at the lowest cost?


If you are passionate about social change and are looking to make a difference in this world, there will be opportunities for you to partake in unique local and overseas service learning where frugality and sustainability is at the heart of it all. Read about the experiences of Andrew, who visited a remote village in Bali, Indonesia, where most of its inhabitants are deaf (click here), and Juan, who was in Chennai, India, to help the less fortunate (click here).

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Community Garden

In line with the House's theme of sustainable living, Pioneer House has set up its own community garden. Residents plant edibles – like mint and ladies’ fingers – and experiment with re-purposing food waste as fertilisers through the use of vermicomposting!

We hope to encourage more residents to bond with one another through the creation, development and maintenance of the gardening space, and gain a greater sense of civic ownership in our community.

Check out the latest initiative, "PHertical PHarm", which has been covered in NUS News by clicking here.

How we relate with Sustainable Living?
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Fern Ling Chettle

Our time spent in Mother’s Home in Myanmar was full of learning, sharing, and appreciating time together with the group of children and teenagers who call it home... More than anything, we got to experience the sense of family and community that exists so tightly in a place like Mother’s Home, and it was an insightful and impactful experience that I feel very lucky to have had.

- Fern Ling Chettle

Former Pioneer House Resident