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Peer Mentorship Programme

Supporting Your Journey

Settling into varsity life takes time, and this transition period can be a challenging one especially when you have to balance academia, family, friends, and maybe even work at the same time - all while being away from home!

We fully recognise that a familial and well-supported residential environment is crucial to your success. As such, in this critical leg of your life journey, Pioneer House (PH) engages all freshmen in the Peer Mentorship Programme (PMP) where students like yourself will be assigned to Peer Mentors (Year 2 – 4 senior undergraduates) who are also fellow PH residents. 

Your Peer Mentors will do their best to help you manage and adjust to life in NUS. Other than providing academic guidance, they will also be there to listen, to guide, and to encourage you just like a friend would!

Read about how the PMP has made a difference in Mentor-Mentee pair Jerald & Kai Le here!

Proactive Pastoral Care (PPC)

Complementing the Peer Mentorship Programme (PMP), Proactive Pastoral Care (PPC) was introduced in 2019 to provide PH residents a more robust network of support.

Here we believe that a sense of belonging is a fundamental human need, and creating strong connections is key to ensuring nobody ever feels alone. Our pastoral care system takes a proactive approach towards empowering residents by giving them opportunities, such as co-creating events, to develop camaraderie with their peers.

Through PPC, you will be connected to the greater community through a Pastoral Care Team (PCT) made up of Peer Mentors, Resident Assistants, and Resident Fellows who are fully invested in your social, personal, and academic well-being.  

If you are seeking positive and uplifting interactions, the fortnightly cluster/ block activities organised by the PCTs will allow you learn more about yourself and those around you. These engagements are also important as it allows the House Management team to monitor and anticipate difficult moments students may be facing, and provide in advance the right type of support.

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