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Dining with Master

Weekly Conversations

We believe every idea and opinion count towards making Pioneer House a vibrant, inclusive, and safe place to live in. Our Dining with Master (DwM) initiative is a weekly gathering where residents, the House Master, and Resident Fellows get a chance to bond with one another over dinner. Organised in a manner that makes each session small and intimate, this will be an opportunity for you to voice any concerns or feedback directly to the Management Team.

If you think improvements can or should be made to the facilities, amenities, student programmes, or any other day-to-day matter, we want you to share them with us. Since its launch in AY18/19, DwM has allowed us to hear and address the needs of students efficiently – for example, extending the gym’s opening hours and providing timely feedback on maintenance issues. 

Come and spend the evening getting to know more about the House Master, Resident Fellows and your cluster mates!