Career Fair & Recruitment Talks

Meet talented NUS students at high-traffic events across campus.

Career Fair

Career Fair

There are no upcoming fairs at this time.

Networking & Recruitment Sessions

Host career talks on campus to recruit top talent for your organisation.


Types of events:

  • Industry Awareness Event
  • Recruitment Talk
  • Company Visit
  • Guest Lecture
  • Training Workshop

CFG facilitates networking and recruitment sessions for students during the following time periods:

  • Mid-August – Mid November
  • Mid-January – March

During these talks, companies can:

  • Promote their industry to students
  • Publicise specific job or internship opportunities in their company

To arrange a networking or recruitment session, please contact your CFG account manager.
If you do not have an account manager, please register for an employer account in NUS TalentConnect.

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