Career Catalyst

Kick-start your career preparation with CFG’s foundational career module.

Career Catalyst

As a student in the early stages of your studies, you must be excited about the vast number of career paths in front of you! You may not know it yet, but the preparations you make today will impact your career options by graduation.

Enrol in Career Catalyst (CFG1002) to equip yourself with essential career skills such as resume writing, creating your personal brand and elevator pitch, and sharpening your interviewing skills. When done well, they will set you apart and help you maximise your chances of getting the internship and job that you have always wanted!

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Get Internship-ready

Discover the importance of internships in securing full-time employment
and how to land your first internship

CC-Icons_Career Pathway

Career Pathways

Identify your career interest(s) and
build a personal brand aligned to it


Captivating Resumes

Learn how to craft a resume and cover letter
that stands out among other applicants


Interview & Networking Excellence

Receive expert tips on interview preparation
and build a networking strategy that works for you

Programme Details & Registration

Modular Credits: 2MC, Unrestricted Elective Module (UEM).
Career Catalyst (CFG1002) does not count towards the limit on the number of Level-1000 modules in fulfilment of graduation requirements.

Assessment and Grading Basis: CS/CU

Pre-requisites: No requirements

Schedule: In Semester 2, AY 2021/22, Career Catalyst will be offered as an e-learning module in Term 1 (weeks 1 – 6) and Term 2 (weeks 7 – 12) with no face-to-face lectures. Since there is no fixed curriculum time for the lessons (e-learning sessions), students will be able to read this module at their own time and own pace without clashing with their other commitments. The learning activities and assessments need to be completed within the 6-weeks duration of this module.

Mode of Enrolment:

Registrations for AY22/23 Semester 1 will only commence in mid-July.

For any questions on this module, please e-mail Mr Dave Singh at

Module Structure

E-learning Session 1:
A Perspective on Multiple Career Pathways

Learning content:
  • View e-learning video on LumiNUS and complete the in-video Quiz
    • CFG1002 Career Catalyst > Quiz > E-learning Session 1 with Quiz: A Perspective on Multiple Career Pathways
  • Access post-module resources

E-learning Session 2:
Effective Resume and Cover Letter

  • Purpose of a resume and 4 main steps to develop a resume using VMock.
  • Crafting results-oriented C.A.R. statements
  • Drafting effective and targeted cover letters
Learning content:

E-learning Session 3:
Professional Branding and Global Mindsets

  • Creating and maintaining a professional online presence (example: LinkedIn)
  • Global mindsets for future career success
  • Introduction to Elevator Pitch and Networking (including introduction to Vmock Interview module)
Learning content:

E-learning Session 4:
A Recruiter’s Perspective on Hiring Trends and Interview Preparation

  • Types of interviews and selection processes
  • How to prepare for interviews
  • Introduction to the interview response frameworks & techniques
  • Sharing of hiring trends by employers
Learning content:

E-learning Session 5:
Networking and Professional Presentation

  • Developing networking skills and strategy
  • Projecting a positive image for career success
  • Activities on networking strategies and techniques
Learning content:

E-learning Session 6:
Internships and Workplace Behaviour

  • Importance of internships
  • Tips for being a super intern
  • Workplace behaviour and professionalism
Learning content:

In addition to the above e-learning sessions, there will be live Zoom sessions held by your faculty’s Career Advisors.

You will receive more information regarding these live webinars on email before the start of the module.

While the attendance to these live Zoom sessions are not graded and are optional, you are strongly encouraged to participate to deepen your knowledge in career planning.

Assessment Instructions for Students

All assessment components for this CS/CU graded module must be completed and submitted for review by the instructors by the end of Week 6 (final week) of the module. If you miss the stated deadline for any assessment component, no late submissions will be allowed and you will score 0 marks for that assessment component.

Grading Components:

Assessment Task Assessment Weightage
LumiNUS Quiz to test learning from module content and videos 40%
Record your elevator pitch on the VMock Interview module 20%
Resume Score on VMock 40%
Total Module Score 100%

Passing Criteria for CFG1002:

To obtain a CS grade in this module, you must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. Watch the e-learning videos on LumiNUS and obtain a minimum of 24/40 for the in-video quizzes*
  2. Attempt at least one recording of your elevator pitch on VMock Interview module
  3. Obtain a minimum of 60/100 for your resume score on VMock Resume module
  4. Score a minimum of 60% in your Total Module Score (refer to the above grading components table)

*There are a total of 20 quiz questions in the 6 e-learning videos. Two marks are allocated to each correct answer. The score out of 20 for your in-video quiz will be converted to a score out of 40 to arrive at the marks for this assessment.

What our students say

“I recommend this module even if you have attended similar workshops or seminars before. It is essential to know what to write in your resume.”

Year 1 SoC student

“This is a very meaningful and effective module! I really appreciate all the resources, insider information and advice CFG has shared. Thank you so much for planning this for us, and for putting in all the evenings for this module. ❤”

Year 1 FASS student

“One of the more informational lectures thus far! Appreciated :)”

Year 1 FoS student

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