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NUS career+ is a mobile app designed to help NUS students plan their education and career efficiently

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Personalised Skills Profile, Tailored Career Options

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Real-time Jobs

Login daily to view the latest jobs that are best for you

Personalised Skills Profile

NUS career+ automatically retrieves your academic records and builds a customised graph of skills for you

Skills-based Matching

With your skills list, we match you with real-time jobs that fit your profile

Career Readiness

Keep track of your progression towards your desired career and prepare for future disruptions in the skills-based economy

Discover real-time jobs and explore various career domains!

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Please refer to the User Guide for more information on how to use the NUS career+ app.

About Us

NUS career+ is driven by the desire to maximise students employability in a skills-based economy. The team, comprising of NUS alumni, hopes to help students realize their potential and see beyond their academic credentials.

NUS career+ was founded in mid-2018 from a collaboration between NUS and JobTech, Singapore’s leading AI & Big Data Analytics company.

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