Career Advancement Webinar Series

Tackle an uncertain job market and establish your career.

Career Advancement

Join us for the Career Advancement Webinar Series to gear up for the current job landscape and give your career a solid start. While finding a job may take longer during the downturn, you have the opportunity to hone your resilience and emerge stronger!

Each webinar is designed from the ground-up for penultimate-year and graduating students.
Choose from a carefully curated list of workshops across three comprehensive pillars of support.

Strategies for an Effective Job Search


Jump-start Your Job Search

Find out how to look for employment opportunities effectively and efficiently!

Discover the different types of positions present in various sectors, and learn the available resources and information to super-charge your job search.

10 May 2021

Financial Services & Consulting

20 May 2021

Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Engineering & Manufacturing

10 June 2021

Public Sector & Healthcare


Resume and Cover Letters: Build Your Brand and Attract Recruiters

Recruiters spend only 7 seconds evaluating each resume. How can you enhance your resume and cover letter to catch the recruiter's attention?

11 May 2021
24 May 2021

Interviewing Success: How to Stand Out with Storytelling!

Learn how to use great storytelling to wow hiring managers!

With great storytelling, start answering age-old questions like "tell me more about yourself" in memorable ways.

12 May 2021
25 May 2021

Networking in Today's World: Unlocking Doors to Career Opportunities

Learn how you can still connect online and offline to build connections and uncover opportunities amid a pandemic.

17 May 2021
31 May 2021

Obstacles into Opportunities: Succeeding in a Challenging Job Market

Hear how NUS Class of 2020 graduates from different faculties started their careers in a sector they enjoy, overcoming the challenges and obstacles posed during a pandemic.

28 May 2021
23 June 2021

Thriving in the Workplace 1


How to Supercharge Your First 90 Days at Work

Find out how to make a great impression, build critical relationships and lay the foundations for long-term success.

18 May 2021
8 June 2021

Navigating Workplace Politics

Office politics are a fact of life in any organization. If you avoid it, you may miss out on essential relationships crucial for your success at work.

Learn how to manage workplace politics while maintaining a clear conscience and thriving amidst it all.

19 May 2021
18 June 2021

Etiquette for the Office & Remote Working

Nervous about workplace etiquette? Learn essential etiquette for office and remote working!

27 May 2021
24 June 2021

Thriving in the Workplace 2


Managing Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

Learning to navigate these difficult conversations skilfully will not only help you establish your credibility with others, but also help you develop meaningful relationships.

1 June 2021

Psychological Resilience in Adverse Times

Graduating students are facing unprecedented uncertainties in the job market and in their own personal development. Drawing from the essential soft skills covered in the Roots & Wings 2.0 programme, this webinar aims at strengthening the resilience of students to deal with the present adversity.

7 June 2021

Lean in, Speak Up, Stand Out: How to be a #GirlBoss

Learn how to take charge of your career and lead like a #GirlBoss. Join our webinar to discover how female graduates can overcome bias and obstacles to build a successful career, even in a male-dominated environment.

9 June 2021

Pursuing Entrepreneurship: A Fireside Chat

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Or want to hear from other young people in the community who have taken the leap? 

Join us for a conversation with young founders! They will share their insights and experiences on their journeys and what to expect when exploring the idea of starting your business. 

14 June 2021

Well-being at Work

From internships to your first job, or when contemplating a career move, it is important that we consider what contributes to our personal well-being in the workplace. Especially in a post-COVID 19 era with the "new normal" way of work involving blurred boundaries between work and personal lives, it is important to understand how being happy, engaged and productive at work is essential to our overall wellbeing.

15 June 2021

Post-Graduate Career Advancement Webinar Series


Navigating Careers in Data and AI in 2021

This talk uncovers current complexities of real life data science and AI teams, with a focus on understanding the landscape of roles available and our intersections with other disciplines at work. It also highlights emerging opportunities and concerns and the new roles that address them.

12 May 2021

How to Gear yourself for Careers in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Data Science has been dubbed as the “Sexiest job of the 21st century” by Harvard Business Review. Indeed (job site) ranked the roles for Computer Vision Engineers, ML Engineers and Data Scientists amongst the top 25 best jobs in the U.S in 2019. In this changing job landscape how do you prepare, thrive and grow in the areas that you specialize in?

19 May 2021
Post Graduate Career Webinar Series: Careers in Data Science in Fashion and E-commerce industries

Careers in Data Science in Fashion and E-commerce Industries

Data had transformed many traditional industries and changed the way businesses operate well before “Big Data” became a buzzword. In recent years, the fashion industry is utilising data to transform the customer and brand experience.

4 June 2021
Post Graduate Career Webinar Series: LinkedIn Intermediate: Building Online Presence and Expanding Your Virtual Network

LinkedIn Intermediate: Building Online Presence and Expanding Your Virtual Network

It is hard to stand out on LinkedIn just by building a personal profile like everyone else. This webinar aims to deep dive into using LinkedIn posts to bring your presence and influence on the platform to the next level.

11 June 2021
Post Graduate Career Webinar Series: Economic & Financial, and Technology Consulting Talk: FTI (Forensic Technologies International) Consulting

Economic & Financial, and Technology Consulting Talk: FTI (Forensic Technologies International) Consulting

Have you thought about where you will take your career once you graduate from NUS? Do you wish to be part of a consulting team, and do you know what it takes?

11 June 2021
caws21-PG 6

Understanding Singapore and China Job Landscapes for Career Success

Introducing our very first training workshop on Intercultural Communication. Our trainers, Mr. Kenneth Leow & Ms. Peggy Zhao will help to bridge your gaps in the knowledge of business context and intercultural communication, and help you overcome the cultural barriers.

25 June 2021
caws21-PG 7_1@2x

Trends and Frontiers in The World of Digital Transformation: Data Innovation

Come and discover the changes in the role of Data in the Finance Industry and relevant skills in 2021

7 July 2021
caws21-PG 8_1@2x

Beyond Disabilities: Empowered and Thriving in Inclusive Communities

Are you keen to learn more about the Allied Profession (Education and Healthcare)? You can contribute to quality care, learning opportunities and meaningful engagement for students with disabilities, guiding them to become active members of an inclusive society.

8 July 2021
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