Career Advancement

Increase career opportunities and excel in your first role with advanced career preparation and workplace skills.

Career Advancement

The Career Advancement programme is aimed at equipping students in the final lap of university life with advanced level career skills.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the programme can be enjoyed in two formats: an e-module which is delivered fully in e-learning format, or a webinar series which can be attended in singular sessions.

For an optimised learning experience, we would recommend students take on both formats if possible as the topics covered are different.

Career Advancement E-Module

Career Advancement e-module

The Career Advancement E-Module (CFG3001) is structured around six lessons delivered in an e-learning format and designed to give you the convenience of acquiring the advanced career preparation skills in your own time, own place, and at your own pace.

You will be able to control the pace at which you engage with the digital contents and complete the required assignments.

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Career Advancement Webinar Series

Career Advancement Webinar Series

The Career Advancement Webinar Series are webinars designed to help you with job search skills and workplace success skills to gain job opportunities and excel in your first graduate job.

This series consists of Part One (Strategies for an Effective Graduate Job Search) in February 2022 and Part Two (Thriving in the Workplace) in May 2022.

Part One (February 2022)

Strategies for an Effective Graduate Job Search

Learn job search strategies to expedite your search, find connections who can lend a hand and ace your interviews. 

CAWS Network with Confidence

Network with Confidence

9 Feb 2022 (Wed), 12pm – 2pm

Practise how to network at physical events & careers fairs and make a lasting impression.

Take part in interactive activities and role plays to immediately put into practice what you learn.

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CAWS Optimise Your Personal Brand Options

Optimise Your Personal Brand Online

18 Feb 2022 (Fri), 12pm – 2pm

Gain more control over the way you are viewed by others and ultimately, achieve more from your personal and professional life.

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CAWS Storytelling The Key to Standing Out at Your Next Interview

Storytelling: The Key to Standing Out at Your Next Interview

23 Feb 2022 (Wed), 12pm – 2pm

Learn the art of storytelling from how brands tell their stories.

Craft compelling personal narratives to stay memorable, well after the interview.

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Part Two (May 2022)

Thriving in the Workplace

Learn how to set yourself up for success and overcome challenges in the workplace via interactive sessions on topics including Adaptability in the Workplace, Building Career Resilience, Navigating Workplace Politics and Navigating Critical Conversations.

You will also gain new perspectives and acquire strategies to maintain balance in your personal and professional lives.

Stay tuned for details of the sessions!

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