Employment Opportunities

Gain access to jobs, internships and part-time opportunities offered by NUS and our corporate partners

Employment Opportunities

NUS TalentConnect

NUS TalentConnect is a dedicated job portal for NUS students and alumni. Use the platform to access graduate jobs, internship opportunities, part-time and temporary positions by our corporate partners across industries as well as departments in NUS. Create a profile page, review your account information, upload resumes, cover letters and search for opportunities that match your preferred job function, job type or industry.

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NUS Internship-As-A-Service

NUS Internship-As-A-Service (NUS IAAS) is the University's two-sided gigs marketplace. With NUS IAAS, students can take on paid short-stint projects of flexible duration with local and overseas companies, and have these recognised as internships.

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nus careerplus

NUS career+

NUS career+ is your personal learning and career development companion.

  • Obtain an AI-powered personalised skills profile and identify skills gaps 
  • Build a roadmap to your dream career 
  • Receive recommendations on courses for upskilling as well as customised job opportunities 

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NUS Student Work Scheme

The NUS Student Work Scheme (NSWS) is aimed to encourage NUS students to be self-reliant and to gain some working experience on campus. The details of the jobs available under the NSWS will reside in a central portal NUS TalentConnect where both prospective NUS Hiring Departments and the interested NUS Student Applicants can find a job match.

There are many Work Study opportunities in NUS available to interested NUS Students. On-the-job training and guidance will be provided to equip NUS Students with the necessary skills and knowledge. Through the NSWS, students will gain valuable experience before they enter the workforce.

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International Students

Details on working in Singapore as an international student.

International Students

Working in Singapore during study

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's (ICA) student pass entitles international students to seek part-time jobs and internships in Singapore. We advise international students to familiarise themselves with the ICA's website for current information governing student work privileges in Singapore.

According to the Employment of Foreign Workers Act (Cap 91A, S4) Work Permit (Exemption) (Consolidation) Notification.

Working during term vacations:

All international students* studying in NUS on ICA's student pass are eligible to work during term vacations without having to apply for work permit.

Working during academic term time:

International students* are allowed to work not more than 16 hours per week.
*International Students here refers to NUS full-time matriculated students.

Incoming Non-Graduating Exchange (NGE) students intending to do an internship / industrial attachment (IA) in Singapore (regardless of whether they receive remuneration) will have to apply for the appropriate work pass. Such NGE students can apply for the:

  1. Work Holiday Programme (WHP) or
  2. Training Employment Pass (TEP)

for the period of their internship depending on whether they meet the respective criteria as per MOM's website.

The different combinations of study for NGE students and the type of valid passes are as follows:

Group Mode of Study in NUS (i.e. Coursework, Research, Internship) Type of pass Remarks
1 Coursework / Research only Student Pass Student shall be registered as an NG student at NUS.
2 Internship only WHP or TEP Student shall NOT be registered as an NG student at NUS.
  • Student Pass for the period of coursework / research; and
  • WHP or TEP for internship
Student shall be registered as an NG student at NUS for the period of their coursework / research ONLY.  

International NGE students holding a Student Pass will no longer be able to do coursework / research AND internship concurrently. Such NGE students will have to finish their coursework / research before starting their internship (under work pass arrangement) or vice versa, i.e., Group 3 above.

Official term vacation and academic periods are indicated in the latest academic calendar.

Working in Singapore after graduation

For international students hoping to work in Singapore after graduation, the latest updates on work visas and employment regulations can be downloaded from the Ministry of Manpower's website.

Should you require a longer period of stay to look for jobs upon completion of your courses, you may apply for a one-year (non-renewable) long-term social visit pass at the ICA's Social Visit Pass Unit. The latest updates are posted on the ICA's website.

Upcoming events for International Students

The International Students Services Section under the Office of Student Affairs conducts regular talks on immigration regulations and the working environment in Singapore. Do keep a lookout for these informative sessions:

  • International Student Orientation Briefing

For details on these events, visit the NUS Office of Student Affairs website.


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