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Whether you are a current postgraduate or graduate student in NUS, or an adult learner taking full-time or part-time courses from NUS, we have a range of programmes and services to support your career journey.

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Career Advisory

The PGL team provides career advisory services to students and adult learners. Schedule an appointment via NUS TalentConnect with your dedicated Career Advisor or email for more information.

“As an international student, I faced challenges finding a job in a less-than-optimistic job market. After utilising CFG's career advisory services, my doubts and concerns were quickly put to rest. CFG provided very valuable information about the local job market, industries, and the technical skills required. Additionally, they assisted me in refining my resume and provided opportunities to conduct highly targeted and professional mock interviews. More importantly, CFG helped me build confidence and alleviate anxieties throughout the process of seeking employment. The knowledgeable advisors and comprehensive resources have been instrumental in helping me secure a job that I am passionate about and set me on the path toward a successful career.”

School of Computing Postgraduate student

“CFG has helped shaped my resume and cover letter before a submission to a role at American Express. These efforts have helped land me a first round of technical interview. Upon its completion, CFG also guided me through my fear of behavioral interviews, which helped me pass the second and final round of interviews. Overall, CFG offers a suite of very useful information sessions on what to expect and what to do throughout the recruitment process. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who have the slightest uncertainty of what to do / expect in their career or job search to enlist the helpful resources readily available of the CFG.”

College of Design and Engineering Postgraduate student

“I enrolled in the SGUS Programme in FinTech for non-Technical Executives during the time of shrinkage of jobs in the banking industry. The CFG team guided us in tangibles like resume writing and interview skills, but more importantly, supported us in intangibles like confidence building, motivation and moral support. We came from all walks of life and background, yet CFG is able to coach us all with the right expertise and professionalism. It was their passion, hard work and sincerity (in wanting us all to do well) that makes my case a success story.”

SGUS FinTech Programme participant

Career Workshops

Postgraduate and graduate students can benefit from our career workshops to improve your resume, cover letter, online profile and prepare for job interviews. Our regular Career Workshops covers various topics every semester to help you communicate your skills, interests and specialisations effectively. 
Career Workshop 01
Career Workshop 02
Career Workshop 03

Industry Connect Series 

Industry Connect
Access employers from diverse industries to learn about industry and hiring trends in the Industry Connect Series. These sessions are conducted in the form of sharing sessions or panel discussions.

Career Resources 


Access graduate jobs, internships, part-time, and temporary positions across industries on our dedicated job portal for NUS students and alumni.


Connect and expand your professional network with NUS students and alumni on this professional networking platform.

VMock Smart Career Platform

Get personalised and instantaneous feedback on your resume and elevator pitch with our 24/7 AI virtual career assistant.


Build a customised skills graph, identify skills gaps, and get targeted recommendations for courses and job opportunities.


Join our two-sided gigs marketplace for paid, well-defined projects of flexible duration with local and overseas companies.

CFG Events Calendar

Get an overview of the various career events happening virtually or on campus through the year. 

CFG’s How-To Guides and Videos

Help yourself with tips and insights available 24/7 on topics such as Job Search Strategies, Evaluating Job Offers and Planning Your Postgraduate Career

Career Booster

Equip yourself with the skills needed to navigate the hiring process and successfully transition into the workplace. 

International Students

If you have questions regarding student passes and graduation/degree conferment, you may refer to the Registrar’s Office resource page here

Customised Career Courses

Career Accelerator
Enroll in our customised Career Accelerator courses for CDE and SoC Master students to explore career pathways and options. Typically conducted in a 4-session format, the courses will equip you with essential career management skills to help capitalise on new opportunities, and effectively manage workplace transitions.

Job Matching for PhD students

Job Matching for PhD students
We offer job matching activities such as virtual and physical resume batching and speed interviews with specific employers looking for PhD students. These activities are designed to allow compatible employers and candidates to find each other, improving the odds of finding a long-term career fit. 

Concerns and Career Transition for PhD Students

If you are looking to maximise your PhD experience, read: “Find a PhD: 10 Ways to be a Good PhD Student” and “Problems that PhD Students Face” by FindAPhD

If you are looking for tips on writing winning research grant proposals, read: “How to Write a Grant Proposal” by Wiley.

If you are a senior postdoc or newly appointed group leader switching from being a member of someone else’s group to running your own, you can read: “A Career in Research: Tips for Running Your Research Group” by Wellcome and Institut Pasteur.

If you are considering non-academic career pathways, you can read:

For Adult Learners & NUS Alumni

If you are a mid-career professional looking for a career switch or contemplating one, you can refer to “Making a Career Industry Switch? Here’s a Guide on How to Make the Move” and “3 Industries to Consider for a Mid-Career Switch in 2022” by MyCareersFuture, as well as “Ready, Set: 3 Things to Double Confirm Before Attempting a Mid-Career Switch” by Digital Senior

If you are looking for courses to equip yourself with new skills or to help you make that career pivot, you can refer to the list of CET (Continuing Education and Training) programmes from the NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE).

If you are a NUS alumni seeking career-related advice, or you wish to give back to the NUS student community with your knowledge, mentorship and connections, you can also write to

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