Financial Wellbeing

Master your finances and invest in your future.

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Sound financial management is a critical skill for a flourishing life.

The Financial Wellbeing programme comprises modules designed to equip students with skills to build financial resilience and to design a system to manage and grow your personal finances.

Look forward to developing these crucial skills:

  • Financial literacy and financial planning
  • Psychological resilience in money management
  • Pathways to saving and investing sustainably
  • Managing your own investment portfolio
  • Financial empowerment to achieve your goals
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Financial Wellbeing - Introduction (CFG1003)

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In this module, you can expect to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of managing your money including first things first principles around money decision-making.
  • Explore topics such as the five pillars of money, automation, good and bad debt and explore the pathways to savings and investing.
  • Know how to develop a plan for a flourishing life with core financial management practices, while managing the stresses of money in one’s daily life.
With a pure e-learning format, learn at your own pace and complete the entire module in 1 hour.

This module is a pre-requisite for Financial Wellbeing - Art and Science of Investing (CFG2003) which launches in Semester 2 AY 22/23.

Module Details

Modular Credits: 0MC (Unrestricted Elective)

Assessment and Grading Basis: No assessment. CS grade awarded if all in-module activities completed.

Pre-requisites: No requirements

Schedule: Semester 1 and 2 of AY22/23

Mode of Enrolment: ModReg@EduRec

All NUS students (undergraduates and postgraduates) are welcome to apply.

Financial Wellbeing - Art and Science of Investing (CFG2003)

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In this module, gain a comprehensive understanding of investing psychology and fundamentals and develop the concrete knowledge and skills to begin your own investment journey.

  • Learn about the future of work and money, and what it means for your future
  • Master emotional regulation and mental strategies for money management and sustainable investing
  • Understand the features of various investment instruments and develop the skills for advanced investing
  • Understand different investing principles and how your character and attitudes can influence how you respond to these principles

Module Details

Modular Credits: 2MC

Assessment and Grading Basis: CS/CU

Pre-requisites: Completion of Financial Wellbeing – Introduction (CFG1003)

Schedule: Semester 2 of AY22/23, offered in both semesters from AY23/24

Mode of Enrolment: ModReg@EduRec

All NUS students (undergraduates and postgraduates) are welcome to apply.

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