Financial Wellbeing

Master your finances and invest in your future.

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Sound financial management is an integral part of career planning and development, equipping students to be future-ready and to face career changes and transitions with confidence.

Most financial literacy programmes focus only on the hard skills, tools and techniques associated with personal finance management. CFG's Financial Wellbeing programme provides students with training in essential financial planning skills and goes a step further by addressing the mental and emotional aspects of money management.

With the rate of disruption in the working world continuing to accelerate, it is essential that students build the financial and emotional resilience to make decisions that enable them to thrive, even amidst challenging times. Through the programme, students will gain a deep understanding of how emotions and mindsets impact their decision-making, and develop the financial know-how as well as positive habits and practices related to financial decision-making. 

Look forward to developing these crucial skills:

  • Financial literacy and financial planning
  • Psychological resilience in money management
  • Pathways to saving and investing sustainably
  • Managing your own investment portfolio
  • Financial empowerment to achieve your goals
The Financial Wellbeing programme is developed by the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates in partnership with PlayMoolah, an organisation that enables the next generation to use money as a tool for a flourishing life.

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Financial Wellbeing - Introduction (CFG1003)

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In this module, you can expect to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of managing your money including first things first principles around money decision-making.
  • Explore topics such as the five pillars of money, automation, good and bad debt and explore the pathways to savings and investing.
  • Know how to develop a plan for a flourishing life with core financial management practices, while managing the stresses of money in one’s daily life.
With a pure e-learning format, learn at your own pace and complete the entire module in 1 hour.

This module is a pre-requisite for Financial Wellbeing - Art and Science of Investing (CFG2003) which launches in Semester 2 AY 22/23.

Module Details

Modular Credits: 0MC (Unrestricted Elective)

Assessment and Grading Basis: No assessment. CS grade awarded if all in-module activities completed.

Pre-requisites: No requirements

Schedule: Semester 1 and 2 of AY22/23

Mode of Enrolment: Registration via ModReg@EduRec has closed. Please email to be enrolled in the module.
The last day for registration is 29 September 2022. 

All NUS students (undergraduates and postgraduates) are welcome to apply.

Financial Wellbeing - Art and Science of Investing (CFG2003)

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In this module, gain a comprehensive understanding of investing psychology and fundamentals and develop the concrete knowledge and skills to begin your own investment journey.

  • Learn about the future of work and money, and what it means for your future
  • Master emotional regulation and mental strategies for money management and sustainable investing
  • Understand the features of various investment instruments and develop the skills for advanced investing
  • Understand different investing principles and how your character and attitudes can influence how you respond to these principles

Module Details

Modular Credits: 2MC

Assessment and Grading Basis: CS/CU

Pre-requisites: Completion of Financial Wellbeing – Introduction (CFG1003)

Schedule: Semester 2 of AY22/23, offered in both semesters from AY23/24

Mode of Enrolment: ModReg@EduRec

All NUS students (undergraduates and postgraduates) are welcome to apply.

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