Central Library Level 3, 12 Kent Ridge Crescent Singapore 119275
Dr PANG Lee San, NatalieUniversity Librarian(65) 6601-1377Email
Mrs LEE Cheng Ean
Advisor & Global Relations
(65) 6516-2069
Ms KAN Sok ChengDeputy University Librarian and Cluster Head of Collections Management & Preservation (65) 6601-3802Email
Dr SIM Chuin PengDeputy University Librarian and Cluster Head of Access Platforms & Resource Management(65) 6516-2070Email
Ms Ratnala Sukanya NAIDUSenior Associate University Librarian and Cluster Head of Education, Research & Enterprise Partnerships(65) 6516-2045Email
Dr NG Tao Tao, MagdelineAssociate University Librarian and Cluster Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation(65) 6601 7116Email
Mr Marcus WONGAssociate Director (65) 6516-1223 Email
Mr Tait BERGSTROMDirector(65) 6516-1886Email
Ms ARINAWATI ShariffManagement Assistant Officer(65) 6516-2015 Email


Partnerships in learning and teaching through information and media literacy programmes; information services and consultations; immersive technology programmes; curation of learning resources; research impact and data services; publishing advisory; digital scholarship; entrepreneurship and innovation resource services.
Ms Ratnala Sukanya NAIDUSenior Associate University Librarian and Cluster Head of Education, Research & Enterprise Partnerships(65) 6516-2045Email
Ms WONG Kah Wei
Associate University Librarian and Head of Learning & Engagement
(65) 6516-3132
Dr NG Tao Tao, Magdeline Associate University Librarian and Cluster Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation(65) 6601 7116 Email
Ms JAMILA OsmanSenior Librarian (Research Librarian – HASS)(65) 6516-2023Email
Ms KHO Su YianPrincipal Librarian (Research Librarian – HASS) (65) 6516-1280Email
Ms Winnifred WONGPrincipal Librarian (Research Librarian – HASS) (65) 6601-7081Email
Ms CHEN Yanru, LyndiaLibrarian (Research Librarian – HASS)(65) 6601-7097Email
Ms LIM Siu ChenLibrarian (Research Librarian – HASS)(65) 6601-7107Email
Ms NUR DIYANA Binte Abdul KaderLibrarian (Research Librarian – HASS) (65) 6601-7086Email
Ms LEE Su-Lin Principal Librarian (Research Librarian – Law)(65) 6601-7105Email
Ms Bissy ITHACKSenior Librarian (Research Librarian – Law)(65) 6516-2042Email
Ms CHAI Yee XinSenior Librarian (Research Librarian – Law)(65) 6601-7163Email
Mr PU Fang Chiong, Patrick
Principal Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)
(65) 6601-7088
Ms CHIA Bei Shi, PatsySenior Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)(65) 6601-7083Email
Ms CHIN Mien Chew, Annelissa
Senior Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)(65) 6601-7110Email
Ms LOH Mee Lan
Senior Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)(65) 6601-7114
Ms MAK Jie YingSenior Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)(65) 6516-2452Email
Ms NG Yen Ping, StephanieSenior Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)(65) 6601-7115Email
Ms TOH Kim KeeSenior Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)(65) 6601-7111Email
Ms WONG Suei NeeSenior Librarian (Research Librarian – STEM)(65) 6601-7112Email
Mr HO Cheng Yong, RichardSenior Librarian (Scholarly Communications Librarian)(65) 6601-7096Email

Collection strategy, procurement of library resources; cataloguing and management of the general & special collections, Institutional Repository, digitisation and preservation; licensing agreements
Ms KAN Sok Cheng
Deputy University Librarian and Cluster Head of Collections Management & Preservation 
(65) 6601-3802
Technical Services   
Ms ONG Hong Kiat
Associate University Librarian and Head of Technical Services 
(65) 6516-2037
Ms QUEK Tze GuekPrincipal Librarian (Subscriptions Librarian)(65) 6516-6239Email
Ms SIM Wan Chin, RavenSenior Librarian (Acquisitions Librarian)(65) 6516-2018Email
Ms KAM Mi-KyeongSenior Librarian (Electronic Resource Management Librarian)(65) 6516-2019Email
Ms ZALEHA OthmanSenior Librarian (Lead Metadata Librarian)(65) 6601-7104Email
Ms THAM Wai FongSenior Librarian (Metadata Librarian)
(65) 6516-2039Email
Ms BOO Qi YuLibrarian (Metadata Librarian)(65) 6516-2027
Ms LIM Kim Chheng, LynettePrincipal Librarian (65) 6516-8128 Email

General Office(65) 6516 2036 
Document Delivery Service(65) 6516 2036 Email
Ms Gandhimathy DURAIRAJ
Principal Librarian and Head of Collections 
(65) 6601-7077
Mr LOW Lee KoongSenior Librarian (Digital Preservation Librarian) (65) 6601-7108Email
Ms THUN WendySenior Librarian (Institutional Repository Librarian)(65) 6601-7074Email
Ms FOO Yan ChuinPrincipal Librarian (Licensing and Copyright Librarian) (65) 6516 2041 Email
Ms YAP Yoke Moi, KarenSenior Librarian (Metadata Librarian)(65) 6601-7082Email
Mr TIM Yap FuanPrincipal Librarian (Special Collection Curator)(65) 6516-2866Email
Mdm LIN Yung Mei, AmyPrincipal Librarian (Special Collection Librarian)(65) 6516-2872Email
Ms CHOW Chai KhimSenior Librarian (Special Collection Librarian)(65) 6601-7102Email
Ms TAY Sor Koon, JolynAssistant Librarian (Special Collection Librarian)(65) 6516-2016Email
Ms Poonam LALWANICurator(65) 6601-7076
Ms DIYANAH NASUHA Binte Omar BahriResearch Assistant(65) 6516-2038
Ms TOH Mei Jun, GladysResearch Assistant(65) 6516-6151Email

Loans & membership, stack management, end-user devices, facilities and spaces (such as technology-enabled spaces, smart classrooms), safety and security, employee experience & engagement, budget control, procurement and asset management (non-scholarly resources), data analytics and assessment
Dr SIM Chuin Peng
Deputy University Librarian and Cluster Head of Access Platforms & Resource Management
(65) 6516-2070
Mr HERMAN Felani Bin Md Yunos
Associate University Librarian and Head of Operations
(65) 6516-3640
Mr QUEK Yoong Thai, AndySenior Librarian (Access Services & Facilities Librarian)(65) 6601-7072Email
Mr YUAN YeSenior Librarian (Access Services & Facilities Librarian)(65) 6601-7103Email
Mr Muhammad HISYAM Mohd Rosli Digital Technologies Executive (65) 6601-7080 Email
Resource Management   
Associate University Librarian (Employee Experience & Engagement) (65) 6516-2547 Email
Mr CHENG Eng Aun Principal Librarian (Library Data Analytics & Procurement)(65) 6516-2021 Email
Ms TAN Geok KeePrincipal Librarian (Special Projects) (65) 6601-3472Email
Mrs KIM-CHEW Ah Too Principal Librarian (Employee Experience & Engagement)(65) 6516-2026Email
Dr NG Tao Tao, MagdelineAssociate University Librarian and Cluster Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation (65) 6601-7116 Email
Mr RINDRA Mokhtar Ramli Associate University Librarian and Head of Digital Strategy & Technologies(65) 6601-5625Email
Mr CHOW Dick Mun, Steven
Principal Librarian (Digital Innovation Manager)(65) 6516-1643Email
Ms TAN Poh LayPrincipal Librarian (Discovery Services Manager)(65) 6601-2307Email
Mr Gaetan Boisson Principal Librarian (Digital Scholarship Manager) (65) 6601-7079Email
Ms RAUDHAH Muhammad Dahri Principal Librarian (Immersive Learning Librarian) (65) 6601-7089Email

Mr Marcus WONG
Associate Director 
(65) 6516-1223 
Ms WU Pui Yee, ShelleySenior Manager (Communications Manager)(65) 6601-7100Email
Ms QUEK Wee Ling Assistant Senior Manager (65) 6516 6787Email
Ms Nur AZZAHRA Kamal Assistant Manager (65) 6516-6339Email


Mr Tait BERGSTROMDirector(65) 6516-1886Email
Senior Executive 
(65) 6601-7844 
Ms YAP Jing Xian, Samantha Executive-Email


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