Mrs LEE Cheng Ean
University Librarian
(65) 6516-2069
Ms KAN Sok Cheng
Deputy University Librarian, Information Technology Services & Technical Services(65) 6601-3802Email
Ms HASHIMAH JohariDeputy University Librarian, Education Services & Learning Innovation(65) 6516-2031Email

Dr SIM Chuin Peng
Deputy University Librarian, Collections & Research Services(65) 6516-2070Email
Ms Ratnala Sukanya NAIDUAssociate University Librarian, Education Services & Learning Innovation(65) 6516-2045Email
Ms WONG Kah Wei
Head, Learning Services & Innovation

(65) 6516-3132

Ms Gandhimathy DURAIRAJHead, Collections(65) 6601-7077Email

Ms ONG Hong Kiat
Head, Technical Services(65) 6516-2037Email
Mr HERMAN Felani Bin Md YunosHead, Operations(65) 6516-3640Email
Mr Jonathan PRADUBSOOKHead, Operations(65) 6516-2547Email
Mr NG Chee YongHead, Digital Scholarly Communications(65) 6601-7071Email


Library assessment, process improvement and performance measurement, library communications and publicity, library human resources and staff training & development

Fax: (65) 6777-3571
Mr CHENG Eng Aun
Principal Librarian
(65) 6516-2021
Ms TAN Geok Kee
Principal Librarian(65) 6516-3472Email
Ms WU Pui Yee, Shelley
Senior Communications & Outreach Manager
(65) 6601-7100
Ms NEO Hui Ying, Devin
Communications Senior Executive(65) 6601-7101Email
Human Resources   
Principal Librarian
(65) 6516-2026
Ms Lynette LIM
Principal Librarian(65) 6516-8128Email


Collection strategy, general & special collections, digitisation and preservation
Ms Gandhimathy DURAIRAJ
Head, Collections
Senior Librarian
(65) 6601-7077
Mr TIM Yap Fuan
Principal Librarian(65) 6516-2866Email
Mdm LIN Yung Mei, AmyPrincipal Librarian(65) 6516-2872Email
Ms LOW Ke KhoonPrincipal Librarian(65) 6601-7076Email
Ms CHOW Chai KhimSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7102Email
Ms Karen YAPSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7082Email
Ms BOO Qi YuLibrarian(65) 6516-2027Email

Digital Scholarship, institutional repository, research impact measurement, scholarly publishing, open access, research data management
Mr NG Chee Yong
Head, Digital Scholarly Communications
Principal Librarian
(65) 6601-7071
Senior Librarian(65) 6601-7079Email
Mr HO Cheng Yong, RichardLibrarian(65) 6601-7096Email
Ms THUN WendyLibrarian(65) 6601-7074Email
Mr LOW Lee KoongLibrarian(65) 6601-7108Email

Digital initiatives, database management, library portal, web master, hardware and software, system statistics
Ms TAN Poh Lay
Principal Librarian
(65) 6601-2307

Supports academic research and learning through Orientation programs, Information Literacy Programs (ILPs) and Advisory Services
Ms WONG Kah Wei
Head, Learning Services & Innovation
Associate University Librarian
(65) 6516-3123
Mr PU Fang Chiong, PatrickPrincipal Librarian(65) 6601-7088Email
Ms KHO Su YianSenior Librarian(65) 6516-1280Email
Ms RAUDHAH Binti Muhammad DahriSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7089Email
Ms Thavamani P. KUMARSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7080Email
Ms CHIA Bei Shi, PatsySenior Librarian(65) 6601-7083Email
Ms CHEN Yanru, LyndiaLibrarian(65) 6601-7097Email

Supports academic research and learning through Orientation programs, Information Literacy Programs (ILPs) and Advisory Services
Ms Ratnala Sukanya NAIDU
Head, Resource Teams
Associate University Librarian
(65) 6516-2045
Ms WONG Huey Lih, WinnifredPrincipal Librarian(65) 6601-7081Email
Dr NG Tao Tao MagdelineSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7116Email
Ms Bissy ITHACKSenior Librarian(65) 6516-2042Email
Ms Annelissa CHINSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7110Email
Mr HAN Ming GuangSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7084Email
Ms JAMILA OsmanSenior Librarian(65) 6516-2023Email
Ms LEE Su-LinSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7105Email
Ms LOH Mee LanSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7114Email
Ms NG Yen Ping, StephanieSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7115Email
Ms TOH Kim KeeSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7111Email
Ms WONG Suei NeeSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7112Email
Ms MAK Jie YingSenior Librarian(65) 6516-2452Email
Ms LIM Siu ChenLibrarian(65) 6601-7107Email
Mr LIN ClementAssistant Librarian(65) 6601-7163Email
Ms NUR DIYANA Binte Abdul KaderAssistant Librarian(65) 6601-7086Email

Operations (such as stack management, space planning/facilities, loans management and membership/visitor privileges - loan entitlement, application/renewal of membership/e-access)
Mr HERMAN Felani Bin Md Yunos
Head, Operations
Principal Librarian
(65) 6516-3640
Mr Jonathan PRADUBSOOKHead, Operations
Principal Librarian
(65) 6516-2547Email
Mr CHOW Dick Mun, StevenPrincipal Librarian(65) 6516-1643Email
Mr QUEK Yoong Thai, AndySenior Librarian(65) 6601-7072Email
Mr YUAN YeSenior Librarian(65) 6601-7103Email

Finance, subscriptions, purchasing, receiving, cataloguing, electronic resource management, E-Reserves, Exam Papers
Ms ONG Hong Kiat
Head, Library Technical Services
Associate University Librarian
(65) 6516-2037
Ms QUEK Tze GuekSenior Librarian(65) 6516-6239Email
Ms THAM Wai FongSenior Librarian (Japanese Resources)
(65) 6516-2039Email
Ms ZALEHA Bte OthmanSenior Librarian(65) 6516-2024Email
Ms KAM Mi-KyeongSenior Librarian(65) 6516-2019Email
Ms SIM Wan Chin, RavenSenior Librarian(65) 6516-2018Email