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Fines are levied on overdue library items based on the rates here. Payments can be made via the following online channels:

NUS Students

NUS Staff & External Members

NUS FastPay (Currently Not Available)
Library Online Payment System
Library Online Payment System


If the item you borrowed from any of the NUS Libraries is lost or misplaced,  please report to us immediately to avoid incurring extra fines. A grace period of one month will be given to search for the item, during which, no charges will be incurred.


After the 1-month period and if the item is still not found, the charges are calculated as follows:

  • Replacement cost of the item
  • $25 processing charge per item; $50 for RBR or out-of-print items. 
  • If the item was reported lost after the due date, you will also need to pay overdue fines


If the item is found and returned to the library, no fines will be incurred if it was not overdue. However, if it was overdue, fines will be calculated after the grace period to the date it was returned to the library.


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