The 360imx is the latest proud addition to our lineup of immersive tech tools. First among Singapore academic institutions, the 360imx is a 6m wide, 2.4m high cylinder fitted with 6 WUXGA 5,100-lumen projectors and surround sound speakers, giving you the perfect wraparound sound and vision to engage and inspire your audience. It offers a fully immersive, collaborative space for visualising a range of content. Because groups of people can get inside, it’s creates a unique and unforgettable shared experience. 

lecturer showing a simulation of a hospital emergency department


Practise real-time responses using simulated learning. Ideal for training, education and familiarisation.

silhouettes of students watching nature documentary on 360imx


Transport your audience to virtually anywhere in the world — the deep sea, outer space, tropical forest — for a truly engaging and inspiring experience.

designer showing the 3d model of a house interior


Bring your 3D designs (CAD, CGI, 360° films etc.) to life with a fully immersive visualisation platform.

group of people in a 360° video conference


Conduct more engaging research discussions — enable your collaborators to see, discuss and control data/documents on a wraparound wall.

There are so many ways to leverage the 360imx for a truly immersive and engaging experience. 360imx is located at Central Library Level 4. Contact us at for a discussion.


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