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The Singapore/Malaysia Collection is a valuable research collection with its broad and in-depth coverage of the economic, geographical, historical, political and social development of Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as an entity.

The collection is unique in its possession of the rare, the educational, and the artistic; the primary materials contained within trace the progression of Singapore and Malaysia from their founding, the periods of colonial governance, the World Wars, political upheavals, independence and the events after. These materials do not only serve to edify the history buff who delights in the obscure; researchers in several subjects can find valuable knowledge and insights from the information encompassed by the collection.

The Singapore/Malaysia Collection is an excellent complement to the National Library's collection on Singapore and Southeast Asia, and together the two make for a magnificent resource for researchers and form an important part of our national heritage. The physical collection can be found in the Peggy Hochstadt Room at Central Library Level 5.
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SG: A Sense of History

A Sense of History: A Select Bibliography on the History of Singapore is for students and researchers interested in the history of Singapore, from its earliest times through the period of British rule interrupted briefly by the Japanese occupation, to independence and thereafter. It brings together in one volume the important bibliography lists of publications ranging from official records, parliamentary records, theses, book chapters, journal articles to newspapers. The titles listed are mainly in the English, Chinese, and Japanese language with a small number in the Malay language.

The printed bibliography was published by NUS Libraries in 1999 to commemorate the 180th anniversary of the founding of modern Singapore by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1819.

The online edition contains both the English and Chinese & Japanese bibliographic entries in Digital Gems.

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