1. NUS Alumni

Please provide the screen capture of your digital NUS Alumni Card during application. To obtain this please apply for NUS Alumni lifelong email. This free lifelong e-mail allows you to generate a digital NUS Alumni Card (downloadable from Google Play or App Store) and allows you access to selected NUS Libraries e-resources.


2. Distance Learning Students

The application must be accompanied by current documentary proof (not more than one-month old) of candidature at the university/higher-learning institution.


3. Senior Government Officers (Division 1 and above only)

The application must be accompanied by a current letter (not more than one-month old), signed by the Director of Human Resources certifying the applicant's designation and confirming that the application is in connection with official duties.


4. Others
The spouse of a current NUS Teaching staff may apply for a basic-level membership, and must be accompanied by a scan copy of the NUS Staff card. Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


1. The Applicant will be responsible for ensuring that all outstanding debts to NUS Libraries arising from books lost/damaged and library-related fines are settled.


2. Due to licensing agreements, external members DO NOT have access to the electronic resources and online journals. Alumni members may refer to this page for access to selected e-resources using their lifelong email.


3. Please note that certain library facilities and materials such as Reserve Book & Readings (RBR), media materials, study carrels, discussion rooms and collaborative spaces are available to NUS students and staff only. 


4. NUS Libraries reserves the right to assess each application on a case-by-case basis.

 Basic LevelEnhanced Level
Loan Quota (For All Categories):612
Category of Membership:Annual FeeAnnual Fee
NUS Alumni$140.40$194.40
Senior Government Officers$194.40$248.40
Distance Learning Students & Others$356.40$464.40 

All fees cited here are inclusive of the current prevailing GST, and a non-refundable registration fee of $32.40 for all new applications. 

The loan period for External Members is 14 days (except for items from the C J Koh Law Library). See details at this  Loan Entitlement table.

We will not refund fees after a library membership card has been issued.

Applications and payments are only done online. Please use the CHROME browser, and have the relevant supporting documents ready (in PDF) as listed above, and one passport-size photograph (in jpg) ready. Click HERE to begin the application.

If you face issues with the online applications, please email us at membership@nus.edu.sg for assistance.



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