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The Digital Scholarship team collaborates with a selected number of research projects each year. The aim of these projects must be to showcase findings/impact in an interactive/engaging manner by leveraging data visualization and storytelling while using NUS Libraries’ unique and distinctive collections for research and learning. It must also be completed within 13 weeks or one semester.


Please contact us at techcentral@nus.edu.sg during early stages of your project with a brief description, parties involved, support required, work completed thus far and the goals for the project. We will follow up with you to assess the sustainability of the project within the infrastructure available to us.


If we are able to collaborate with you, we will work towards a written understanding of the roles and responsibilities, the timeline and how the project will be undertaken so that all parties have a clear understanding of what to mutually expect from this collaboration.


If we are unable to work with you on your research project, we will try our best to provide you with the relevant advice and point you to the right resources, where available.

Technical requirements of DS projects

To ensure proper technical support on a centralized platform that adheres to standards set by NUS IT, NUS Libraries relies on NUS IT’s Central Web Hosting. We do not provide our own hosting services.


Websites hosted on NUS infrastructure and domain have to comply with the NUS branding guidelines.


NUS Libraries cannot maintain websites that require further updates. Projects have to be built as static websites following the Jamstack architecture pattern.


Such websites should be built leveraging HTML, CSS and JavaScript, without requiring a server-side backend other than a simple web server (Apache, Nginx, …)


While it is possible to rely on external APIs and services to enrich the content dynamically in the browser at run time, we recommend that everything should be built in a self-contained way as much as possible.


NUS Libraries will not be able to provide maintenance if issues arise with external services integration and can only provide very basic step-by-step maintenance as provided in readme and documentation files.

Maintaining your project

We encourage you to think about how you’ll maintain your digital project over the long term, including access, preservation, and funding support for your work.


As with all types of digital content, it is difficult to guarantee long-term accessibility or preservation and continued maintenance over time. In the event that the technologies are no longer supported, we may attempt to archive the project.


NUS Libraries reserves the right to make changes to our site policies, and these Conditions of Use at any time.

Related information

For projects that require updates, you can consider using WordPress offered by CIT or web publishing provided by NUS IT. Their contact information can be found on these pages if you have further questions.


Here is a list of research projects that we have collaborated on.



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