NUS Writing & Communication Hub also offers a variety of communication support to all members of NUS community. We provide regular individual and group consultations on academic or workplace related presentations, spoken discourse and any spoken modes of communication. As trained tutors, we are able to provide feedback on non-verbal as well as verbal communication skills at any stage of the preparation and execution process. While our focus is on academic and professional communication, we also provide assistance to students or faculty members whose English is not your first language in any area required.

Mira HoMira Ho Sze Myn
Graduating Class of 2025, Yale-NUS College

Majors: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Languages: English, French, Mandarin (Conversational)


Mira is a sophomore pursing a major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She was born in Singapore but also grew up in the US and Hong Kong. After 2 semesters spent helping students improve their essays, presentations and English communication, Mira believes in helping tutees find their own personal processes to help convey their ideas concisely and coherently. Having spent the majority of her life learning French as a second language, she knows the ins and outs of language learning and wholeheartedly understands the frustrations that may come along with it. She strives to create a safe space for hashing out ideas, practicing your writing and communication skills, and developing your personal voice. When she's not working on an essay or presentation, you can probably find her in the dance studio, compiling motivational quotes on Pinterest, or reading a good book.

Mira HoWin Lae Yee
Graduating Class of 2025, NUS

Majors: Business Analytics and Computing
Languages: English, Burmese, Mandarin (Elementary), Spanish (Elementary)


Having attended an international school for the majority of her life, Win has always enjoyed conversing with people from different backgrounds and cultures. She was one of the communication tutors who was purely recruited for the Communication Hub when it was newly formed. During tutoring sessions, it is of utmost importance to her to help tutees feel comfortable and safe to engage in a casual conversation or practise their presentations with her. It is very heartwarming for her when her tutees perform well for their presentations and send her a ‘thank-you’ message or when she sees her tutee gain confidence in their conversational English. She hopes to share useful tips and tricks, and help tutees overcome any form of difficulty to effortlessly become effective orators. Besides being a communication peer tutor, Win loves to travel, sing her heart out in the shower, and watch English TV shows and sitcoms.

Mira HoRachel Clare de Silva
Graduating Class of 2026, NUS

Major: Psychology
Language: English


Rachel is a first year Psychology student who intends to pursue a second major in Nutrition. When time allows, she enjoys exploring the cafes and sights of Singapore with her friends. She also values her alone time, reading literature or watching shows when she can. Rachel found presentations and speaking in front of the class challenging throughout her secondary school days. So, she understands and is passionate to help others improve, like how her peers did for her before.

Mira HoJannatun Tajrian
Graduating Class of 2025, NUS

Major: Political Science
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi (spoken)


Taj is a Political Science major and Linguistics minor from Singapore. She loves eating Subway, but knows that ordering it can be extremely stressful. That is why she is a Peer Tutor – in hopes of guiding fellow peers towards effective communication so that they, too, can confidently order Subway. She strongly believes in finding one’s voice and being articulate in a way that is unique to you, using strategies picked up from over 8 years of public speaking. Besides that, Taj enjoys baking treats for her friends, rock climbing and attempting to cycle. Most of all, she finds joy in connecting with people to build a friendly and inclusive community for all.

Kay YeoKay Yeo
Graduating Class of 2024, NUS

Major: Geography
Languages: English, Chinese


Kay is a Geography major and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) minor from Singapore. As someone previously terrified of public speaking, she understands the difficulties her peers may face in oral communication. As such, she is committed to helping her peers find the confidence to express themselves through their own voice. Outside of school, you can find her crocheting or reading a book while enjoying a cup of hot Milo.

Kay YeoOon Jie Rui
Graduating Class of 2026, NUS

Major: Computer Science
Languages: English, Mandarin (Conversational)


Jie Rui is a local first-year Computer Science major. With only one semester under his belt, Jie Rui is still learning to better navigate university life in all its forms: academics, CCAs, and part-time work etc. For Jie Rui, good communication has shown itself to be a powerful skill to have in the face of new experiences. Fluent in English and with serviceable Mandarin, Jie Rui hopes to work together with his tutees to build stronger English conversational skills by cultivating an appreciation of the language. When not busy with schoolwork, Jie Rui enjoys playing basketball recreationally, running, and gaming on his toaster laptop.

Kay YeoSaloni Baxi
Graduating Class of 2025, NUS

Majors: Global Studies and Life Sciences
Languages: English, Gujarati


Saloni is a double major student in NUS. While both her majors may seem unrelated, she finds that they complement each other in many ways and the skills she picked up from both areas have enhanced her interpersonal skills as well. Furthermore, the different standards of communication required from both her majors have allowed her to be flexible and versatile. As such, her multidisciplinary background allows her to form connections with students from all faculties and experience levels.

Kay YeoTimothy Yee
Graduating Class of 2023, NUS

Majors: Life Sciences and Psychology
Languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese


Timothy is a Singaporean student who has had deep interests in wanting to help others improve their writing. After having seen the efforts done by NUS to assist students in academic writing, he too became motivated to want to join these efforts. He thus signed up to be a writing tutor. Among the different writing formats, he has most experience with scientific writing, not much so with creative writing.

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