4D VR tech devices


4-Dimensional Virtual Reality (4D VR) refers to the incorporation of the physical into the virtual world – i.e. where the incorporation of the physical senses into VR world heightens the experience for the user. The IMAGINarium’s 4D VR tech devices, Tiger Knight and the Lightspeed motorcycle (on loan to NUS from Netdragon/Elernity), incorporate the physical sensation of movement with haptic feedback such that when you, the user, go over the log bridge on the motorcycle, or fly over the canyon whilst riding Tiger Knight, the sensory inputs heighten the immersive VR experience. These 4DVR devices are not featured in the IMAGINarium purely for amusement – but are meant to inspire teachers and students to envisage how the combination of virtual and physical worlds can heighten the educational experience. Other examples of 4DVR include VR incorporating the sense of flyingswimming through an ocean, and  viewing the environs from atop a skyscraper. You are encouraged to try these devices out and envisage how you might use 4DVR to heighten the experiential element in your teaching! Have fun!

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