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Contactless BookStation

Monday, June 29, 2020
As part of safety measures for the current Covid-19 situation, we introduce BookStation, a 24-hour contactless locker book retrieval service. Safe and easy to use, you can pick up your books anytime at your convenience when you are on campus!


Lockers are currently available at:

  • Engineering E5

  • Medical Library entrance

  • Near Central Library entrance at Level 4

  • C J Koh Law Library basement, next to bookdrop


How to Use

  1. After you have made a request for locker pickup, wait for email notification
  2. On receipt of email notification, go to the BookStation
  3. Open assigned locker by
    • clicking on the link in your email or
    • scanning your barcode or
    • keying in your 5-digit PIN
  4. Collect item(s)


For more information, contact us.


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