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NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG)

We help NUS students thrive in a world of constant change, ensuring they are ready for their future careers.

Our 50-person strong team accomplishes this by providing students with access to career-readiness programmes, career and internship opportunities, professional career advisory and valuable industry insights.

We're LIVE online on Thursday, 4 March!

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Panel Discussion Interdisciplinarity in the Workforce

Panel Discussion: Interdisciplinarity in the Workforce

27 February, 1pm – 2pm

Co-organised with with College of Humanities and Sciences

Distinguished senior speakers from diverse industries will share how the pandemic has impacted industries, the value of an interdisciplinary education in the future workplace, and the attributes employers are seeking in new hires.

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From Academic Programmes to Global Opportunities and Career Preparation

From Academic Programmes to Global Opportunities and Career Preparation

28 February, 2pm – 3pm

Co-organised with Office of Admissions

Discover experiences you can look forward to as a NUS student!

Learn more about admissions application, the myriad of multidisciplinary academic programmes, study abroad opportunities, and career preparation services NUS provide to enable our graduates to be future-ready.

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Exploring The World Through Internships &  How CFG Can Help You

Exploring The World Through Internships & How CFG Can Support You

4 March, 11am – 12pm

Top employers want students with global internship experiences!

Find out how you can still gain global experiences despite the travel restrictions. Learn about campus recruitment trends, our CFG Career Readiness Roadmap, How we can help you explore the world through global (remote) internships.

Exclusive CFG swag up for grabs!

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Ready for the Workplace of the Future

Ready for the Workplace of the Future

4 March, 2pm – 3pm

“We are not preparing our students for their first job. We are preparing them for many jobs in their 40 to 50 years of their working career.” – NUS President Professor Tan Eng Chye

The speed of change will only accelerate and students may face a very different workplace when they graduate in 4 years’ time. How can they prepare? By gaining a breadth of work experience, advancing their skills in new technologies, developing multidisciplinary skills and honing their soft skills.

Find out how CFG's signature programmes facilitate the professional development of all NUS students.

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Hear what NUS students have to say

"CFG has helped me improved how I write my resume and cover letter. The mock interviews were invaluable in preparing me for HR interviews – it made me feel more confident in answering the questions.

In addition, the advice given has helped me understand what I am looking for in full-time employment.

Overall, job searching is an emotionally tiring and stressful thing to do, but CFG has helped me to navigate through this."

– Year 4 Computing Student

"As a fresh graduate facing the weak job market due to the COVID-19, I experienced difficulties in sourcing for full time opportunities.

CFG's career advancement webinars have helped me in improving my job sourcing strategies as well as providing useful tips and guidance on building an impactful resume for different job roles.

The one-to-one coaching with my career advisor was a fruitful session which has landed me a traineeship position and a possible full time opportunity upon completion. I am appreciative of what CFG has done for me."

– Recent graduate (Science '20)

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We are LIVE on 4 March, 10am – 5pm.

  • How do I choose my career path?
  • How can I best prepare for University?
  • What are the most in-demand professions?
  • What skills do I need by graduation?

Reach out to us with your burning questions. CFG is standing by!

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