Access-Only membership carries no borrowing privileges for all materials and no access to E-Resources.


Membership Fee

1 month ($21.40 inclusive of GST (7% in 2022))

3 months ($42.80 inclusive of GST (7% in 2022))

*  To enjoy the 2022 GST rate of 7%, all membership applications must be submitted to us by 15 November 2022. Membership applications submitted to us after this date will be processed in January 2023 at the new GST rate of 8%.

In 2023, the fees are as follows :
1 month ($21.60 inclusive of GST (8% in 2023))

3 months ($43.20 inclusive of GST (8% in 2023))

Access-Only members have access to the Central Library and the other 6 Special Libraries.


Use of materials in the Closed Stacks is extended to Access-Only members, for reading within the library premises only.


Access-Only members are NOT entitled to borrow any material or access electronic resources of NUS Libraries.


Payment is not refundable and is subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST).


The Access-Only card is NOT TRANSFERABLE and must be presented when accessing NUS Libraries.


The card must be returned to the Library when the membership expires.


There will be a charge of $10.7 for any replacement card.


The category of Library Membership is limited to a maximum of 3 months. We discourage further renewals after the first period as there are other membership categories suitable for longer term access to NUS Libraries. Hence, renewal of Access-Only membership is subject to approval by the Library on a case-by-case basis.




Please complete the application form (in PDF) and email to


Payment is via credit card/eDebit. The link will be sent to you after the application is approved. 


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