ASEAN Corner

ASEAN Secretariat

The official website for ASEAN.

ASEAN Virtual Learning Resource Centre (AVLRC)

A website providing information about the ASEAN region such as culture, history, natural and cultural heritage, educational opportunities, and news, amongst others.

ASEAN Communication Master Plan 2018-2025 (ACMP II)

The ACMP II provides the framework for ASEAN to communicate messages about the organization, development, and vision of ASEAN and the ASEAN Community to regional and global audiences.

ACMP II Comic Strips

Comic strips on ASEAN initiatives such as digital literacy, creative economy, and fostering greater understanding, tolerance, and a sense of regional agendas among the peoples of ASEAN.

Poll on ASEAN Awareness 2018

PoAA Report, Report of the 10-nation survey on ASEAN awareness and perceptions conducted in 2018.

Poll on ASEAN Awareness 2018

Key Findings, Brochure comprising 10 infographics of the main findings of the Poll on ASEAN Awareness 2018.

ASEAN 101 Video Series

A video series for viewers to learn more about ASEAN and its developments, as shared by the ASEAN Secretariat staff.

ASEAN Presents, A video series on ASEAN’s efforts

A video series on ASEAN’s efforts, including supporting creative economy, community outreach, and Culture of Prevention.

ASEAN Cultural Heritage Archive

A treasure trove of ASEAN’s digitised cultural heritage assets, which can be viewed in 3D and 2D, as well as other multimedia formats.

ASEAN Strategic Plan for Culture and Arts 2016-2025

Document outlining ASEAN’s key strategies in the Culture and Arts sector for 2016-2025.

Images of ASEAN: celebrating 50 years of collaboration through culture and information

Publication showcasing activities delivered from 1993 to 2018, including projects such as the “ASEAN Quiz” and “Best of ASEAN Performance Arts”.

ASEAN Cultural Heritage Digital Archive - Promotional video of the ASEAN Cultural Heritage Digital Archive project.

In Conversations with ASEAN Citizens

A booklet containing the inspiring stories of 10 ASEAN Champions.

ASEAN Culture of Prevention (CoP) Brochure

Brochure that outlines the aims of CoP, describes what CoP seeks to prevent, and how it works to promote ASEAN’s shared values of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect for life and diversity.

ASEAN Champions Podcast

A podcast series showcasing the stories of inspiring ASEAN citizens who have created opportunities for their communities.

Library of the ASEAN Secretariat

The library and archives for the ASEAN Secretariat.

ASEAN Strategic Plan for Information and Media 2016-2025

Document outlining ASEAN’s key strategies in the Information and Media sector for 2016-2025.

Government of Japan - Video

The Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) Full Version

Government of Japan - Video

10 years Anniversary Advertisement Video between ASEAN and Japan by Mission of Japan to ASEAN

Government of Japan - Video

Overview of Legal Technical Assistance of ICD

Government of Japan - Paper

Q&A about Legal Technical Assistance.

ASEAN Now and the Future Cambodia

ASEAN Now and the Future Laos

ASEAN Now and the Future Myanmar

ASEAN Now and the Future Overview - Video

ASEAN Now and the Future Vietnam - Video

ASEAN Now and the Future II Discover New Buena Vista. Part I: The Overview - Video

ASEAN Now and the Future Ⅱ Discover New Buena Vista Part 2: Brunei Darussalam & Indonesia - Video


ASEAN Now and the Future Ⅱ Discover New Buena Vista Part 3: Philippines & Singapore - Video

ASEAN Now and the Future Ⅱ Discover New Buena Vista Part 4: Thailand & The Series Summary - Video

ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute - ASEANFocus

A biannual magazine published since 2015 on key themes and events of the day pertaining to ASEAN and the region.

ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute - The State of Southeast Asia Survey

An annual region-wide survey since 2019 that presents the perspectives of policy elites and informed observers on current affairs and developments related to ASEAN and Southeast Asia.

ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute - The Southeast Asia Climate Outlook Survey

Published since 2020, this survey gathers insights on the perspectives of Southeast Asian citizens towards a wide variety of climate change issues.

ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute - ASEAN Matters for America/America Matters for ASEAN 

The 2019 and 2021 publications were produced in partnership with the East-West Center in Washington and the US-ASEAN Business Council. These publications provide information on diplomatic and security relationships, trade and investment, jobs creation, travel and tourism, educational exchanges, demographics, and sister partnerships between the US and ASEAN.



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