Medicine+Science Library – Ready Soon!

Thursday, February 9, 2023
The former Faculty of Dentistry building at Lower Kent Ridge Road was identified in 2017 to be repurposed to house the future combined Medical and Science Libraries, currently located at blocks MD6 and S6 respectively. Renovation works are estimated to be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2023 and will be the new home of the merged Medicine+Science Library (MSL).

The new MSL will create not only a synergistic relationship between the medical and science faculties, but also the NUS community in that part of the campus. It aims to position itself as the place that fosters critical collaborations in interdisciplinary learning, teaching and research. It will feature more collaboration and discussion spaces, interactive facilities such as a makerspace, and self-recording studio that will transform the way staff and students interact and learn.

As we prepare to move the two libraries into the new building towards the end of the year, do note the following changes at the current Medical and Science libraries in the coming semester.

  • To make way for more new spaces and facilities, and with the increased availability of electronic resources, the print bound journal collections, as well as older and less frequently used mainshelf books at both the Medical and Science Libraries have been progressively relocated to the closed stacks at the Central Library. Users may continue to borrow these transferred titles by making a request through the library system.
  • A smaller number of newer, essential, and frequently borrowed mainshelf titles have been retained on-site at the respective two libraries. Additionally, at the Science Library, these remaining mainshelf titles have been relocated to Level 4 from Level 5.
  • The RBR collections for both Science and Medical Libraries remain at their respective current locations. Loans desk and services also remain unchanged until further notice at both libraries.
  • Level 5 of the Science Library has been converted to decanting space for the Office of Student Affairs and NUSSU as the Yusof Ishak House will be undergoing renovation soon.  Access to this floor is restricted to staff and students occupying these offices and their visitors with immediate effect.
  • Level 6 of the Science Library will remain accessible for quiet self-study during opening hours.