Check the opening hours here before you visit the room.

All of the wonderful equipment we have in the room is purchased with NUS Staff and Students in mind, for use in research and learning development.
The NUS Libraries has a dedicated team managing this awesome facility. You can reach us by clicking on Contact Us and filling in the form!


Different equipment have different booking timings and availability. Check the equipment list here to find out the availability of your desired equipment. For equipment listed as "Use in Library", bookings will be limited to the opening hours of TEL Imaginarium.
Equipment must be booked at least 1 week in advance. This facilitates the charging of equipment and maintenance.
You can place bookings anytime as long as it is 1 week before you require the equipment.
You can see a list of equipment and services available in our Contact Us page.
No. You must return the equipment and make a new booking which must be 1 week before the time needed.
Your booking will be available for 30 minutes from the start of the booking time. If this time lapses, the equipment booking will be released to other users.
Please contact us via email and we will review your case.
Items returned beyond the stipulated loan period will result in a fine of SGD5/hour.
Borrowing rights for equipment are suspended until all fines are cleared.

Loss & Damage

When the equipment is loaned out to you, a checklist of peripherals is given. Ensure that you have all the peripherals listed when you return the equipment. If you return the equipment without any of the peripherals listed, you will be issued with a fine amounting the cost of replacement of that peripheral.
You will be liable to pay for the cost of replacing the cable.
The equipment will be deemed lost and the full cost of replacement with reference to prevailing costs of the equipment will be charged to your library account.
Inform the TEL-I team immediately via email if you discover any damage on the equipment. The damage will be assessed by us and the fees for repair will be communicated to you.
The user is wholly responsible for the care of the equipment throughout the entire loan period and any damages will incur the full prevailing rate of repair or replacement to the named account.
If the equipment can be repaired, you will be charged for the repair fee. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair, the full cost of replacement with reference to prevailing costs of the equipment will be charged to your library account.
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