Jumpstart Minis: Digital Badges Jumpstart Minis: Digital Badges

Fancy earning a digital badge to show what you've learnt from our workshops? 

Digital badges were first issued in the AY20/21 run of Jumpstart Minis so some of your friends may have already gotten them. Ask them about the badges they have earned! View current workshops >

This table will be updated from time to time when more badges and Jumpstart Minis are in the pipeline.
You can share the badges on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to tell others about the awesome things you have learnt through our workshops. 

To qualify for a Level 1 badge, you need to:

  • Attend the session to meet the minimum attendance requirement 


  • Complete and pass the assignment as instructed


Note that to attain certain specific badges, you may be required to attend more than 1 workshop. Read the description of each workshop carefully!

You will receive an email after fulfilling the requirements for the badge. The processing of your badge may take some time.
There is no expiry date for the badges.
There is no maximum time period as long as you remain a current staff or student of NUS.
Yes, you must attend the workshop again and pass the assignment in that session. Past session attendances cannot be used to fulfil current session attendance requirements as the most recent workshop may have updated its contents.
You will need to attend the part you missed within the same semester. Otherwise, you are required to attend all parts of the workshop again.
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