Convert objects into 3D models

Update (27 Sep): In view of the current situation on COVID-19, this service will be suspended.

Steps to request for 3D scanningSteps to request for 3D scanning


The 3D scanning service is only open to current NUS Staff and Students.
Scanning quality differs from object to object. Objects that are difficult to scan:
  • Dark-coloured objects (e.g. black, dark brown)
  • Shiny and reflective objects (e.g. mirrors)
  • Transparent objects (e.g. glass bottles)
  • Fuzzy objects (e.g. plush toys, hair)
Besides bringing the object that you wish to scan, you are required to bring along a thumbdrive to save your scans. As the output file(s) can be massive, make sure you have sufficient space (approx. >1GB) in your thumbdrive. Do ensure that your thumbdrive can be read on a Windows PC.
The computer (Windows-based) has access to the Internet so you can login to your cloud drives. Do remember to logout after use.
All files will be deleted once you leave TEL Imaginarium so do save your files before checking out of the space.
The scanner can only be used in TEL Imaginarium so the size of the object is limited to objects that can fit through the door of TEL Imaginarium. An estimate would be around 120cm x 50cm.
STL, OBJ, PLY, 3MF, ASC and P3.
  • EinScan Pro 2x Plus 3D Scanner (including industrial and colour packs)
  • PC workstation for scanning and minor editing of the scanned model
  • Dimmable lights for when you need a darker scanning environment
  • Chairs and tables to place the objects you wish to scan on
  • Chromakey cloth which may help provide a plane for your scan
  1. Book an appointment by clicking the button above the FAQs.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email on your chosen slot. The confirmation email will include a Check in Code that you will require when you arrive at the 3D Scanning station.
  3. When at TEL Imaginarium, check into the 3D Scanning station using the link in your confirmation email OR scan the QR code at the station.
  4. If it is your first time using the scanner, a librarian will assist you with the basic steps to get started. This will take around 15 minutes. Watch this video to see how the scanner works.
  5. When you have completed scanning and saved your files, remember to check out of the 3D Scanning station.
No. We will not accept any objects that have been sent to us for scanning. The scanning station is self-service. The 3D scanning software includes an application which will allow you to make small edits to your scanned product so it is best for you to be present to ensure you get the best quality scan you require.