Who we are

“Mine, the power of the imagination to transform and illuminate our lives...” – Parnassus from The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, film (Terry Gilliam, 2009) 

TEL Imaginarium was set up at the Central Library to allow every member of the NUS community to walk in and explore immersive tech tools and be exposed to the potentials of this emerging technology in learning, teaching and research.

What are immersive tech tools?

Immersive technology alters our perception of the real world, or what we know as reality. There is a spectrum of possibilities of what it can do. Three common ways:


Augmented Reality

Uses digital elements in a physical environment


Mixed Reality

Blends digital and physical environments to enrich reality


Virtual Reality

Creates a completely digital environment

At TEL Imaginarium, we showcase how AR/VR/MR technology is applied in education to improve pedagogical methods, contribute to society and engage users innovatively. See what we've done with the NUS community!

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