General Education

NUS seeks to provide students with a holistic education. This means being trained for not just a specialization, but also developing the quality of mind of a generalist. General Education at NUS prepares students to think deeply, ask critical questions, make logical inferences, and debate issues related to the diverse and changing cultural landscape occurring across the globe.

General Education co-exists with the regular academic curriculum but it differs from other modules in two respects. First, it develops aspects of knowledge and abilities that we expect of learned individuals, not just the knowledge and abilities required in the specialisation of a particular discipline or profession. Second, it inculcates higher-order qualities of the mind that make a person erudite, as opposed to the practical know-how and skills for daily life.

General Education connects inter-disciplinary knowledge and perspectives with competencies and mindsets needed for lifelong learning beyond university. General Education seeks to impart the capacity to continue engaging in inquiry beyond an NUS graduate’s domain of expertise, and the literacy to participate in issues of civic and general interest, long after leaving the university.

Information Accurate as of 30 August 2018