Administrative Matters

As part of NUS’ commitment to nurturing a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for teaching and learning, NUS conducts a Respect and Consent (R&C) course for students and it is made up of three parts (online videos, a workshop, and a Declaration of Conformance).

  • All new undergraduate and graduate and non-graduating students in academic degree programmes are required to complete all three parts of the course in the semester that they are enrolled.

  • Continuing professional education students are only mandated to watch the online videos and sign the Declaration of Conformance. You are not required to attend the workshop unless you are residing in RCs/Halls/SRs/Houses.

As part of NUS' commitment to nurturing an environment conducive for the exchange of ideas, advancement of knowledge, and intellectual development, there are fundamental skills and basic information for students to learn and be aware of as they embark on their journey with NUS.

The e-course on Student Essentials will allow students to appreciate the importance of maintaining academic integrity and research ethics in their areas of study and research.

All new students enrolled into NUS are required to complete this e-course within the stipulated deadline.

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students enrolling into full-time programmes, you will need to:

  1. Submit your photograph within two working days upon acceptance of NUS' offer of admission via the Online Photo Submission System
  2. Access the system again one week after submission to check whether the photograph has been approved for use. Re-submission of a new photograph (that meets the specifications) is required if you are notified via e-mail that your photograph did not meet the requirements.

Note: For students enrolling for the Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme, please refer to the instructions provided to you by the BTech administrator.

Graduate Research Students

For graduate research students, you will need to:

  1. Submit your photograph when you complete the “Reply on Offer of Admission” via the Graduate Admission (GDA) System
  2. You may refer to the instructions given in the admission offer letter, which is also available in the GDA Applicant Guide. Re-submission of a new photograph (that meets the specifications) is required if the previous submission is not accepted.

Non-Graduating Students

For non-graduating students, you will need to:

  1. Submit your photograph when you accept the offer via the Online Application Portal
  2. Re-submit your photograph via the portal if you are notified via e-mail that your photograph has not been approved.

Registration (Part One)

In Registration (Part One), you will need to:

  • update your personal particulars
  • agree to abide by the policies which form the Acceptance Record 
  • and complete the specified Authorisation Requirements


    If you are under 18 years of age at the time of completion of Registration (Part One), you will also need to download the following form(s) from the "Authorisation Requirements" section, have your parents/guardians sign on the form(s) and upload the form(s) to the Education Records System (EduRec) later but within 3 days of completing Registration (Part One):

    • Risk Acknowledgement and Consent (for all Students)
    • Authorisation of Medical Procedures (for International Students only)
    • Appointment of Local Representative (for International Students only)

    Registration (Part Two)

    In Registration (Part Two), you will need to activate your NUS Student Card via the Education Records System (EduRec). Once activated, your student status will be 'Active' in NUS records.

    The NUS Student Card will be delivered by post to your residence if you meet all of the following requirements:

    • Is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
    • Have a valid Singapore mailing address declared at the point of admissions application
    • Have completed Registration (Part One)
    • Have uploaded the Authorisation Requirements form(s), signed by your parent/guardian, if you are below 18 years of age at the point of completion of Registration (Part One)

    If you do not meet the above requirements, you will be informed by email on the collection of your Student Card.

    Note: For students enrolling for the Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM), please refer to the instructions provided to you by your administrators.

    Declaration of Transfer Option (for current NUS Undergraduate Students transferring programme)

    Current NUS undergraduate students who have been studying for a semester or more and are successful in their application to transfer to another programme must declare if they wish to start the new programme on a clean slate or with a full credit transfer via myEduRec. The following groups of students are not required to make a transfer declaration:

    • Students transferring to any engineering programme within the College of Design and Engineering, and into Computer Engineering are required to opt for full credit transfer. This rule also applies to Computer Engineering students transferring to another engineering programme within the College of Design and Engineering.
    • Students from the School of Business transferring from Business Administration to Accountancy (and vice-versa) must do so on full credit transfer.
    • Students transferring to Dentistry and Medicine will have to start on a clean slate.

    Starting the new programme on a clean slate would mean that there will be no waiver, credit transfer or exemption of courses. Students must re-take all their completed courses (including GE courses). The option to transfer clean slate is also subjected to the final approval of the receiving College/Faculty/School.

    Those opting for a full credit transfer should note that the relevant Faculty shall then decide which courses may be used to satisfy the relevant graduation requirements. In addition, students who opted for full credit transfer into Law are allowed to transfer to up to 40 units counting towards their Law degree.

    If you do not exercise the option by the stipulated deadline, it will be deemed that you have withdrawn the application for a transfer of programme and will remain in the original programme.

  • As an admission condition, all incoming students (excluding non-graduating students and continuing & professional education students) are required to undergo a medical examination. The University reserves the right to refuse admission should you decide to decline this process.

    You may complete the medical examination

    (i) at the University Health Centre (UHC);

    (ii) with a private registered health physician either in Singapore; or

    (iii) in your home country.

    If you have chosen to undergo the medical examination with a private physician, please submit the completed Medical Examination Form and chest X-ray report in PDF, and email to before the stipulated deadline. All reports must be completed in English.

    Please check the UHC website for more information.

    CAUTION: If you do not complete the Medical Examination by the deadline stipulated by UHC, a Negative Service Indicator (NSI) will be checked against you. As a consequence, you may be locked out of access to certain key student services, including examination results, transcripts, etc.

    All full-time international students are required to hold a valid Student's Pass issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for their studies at NUS. Please refer to:

    • ICA’s website for information on Student's Pass matters, and
    • the respective Registration Guides (or information leaflet sent by the respective NUS admission departments) on the dates and details of ICA's Offsite Enrolment Exercise at NUS.

    Once ICA approves your Student’s Pass application, you will be issued the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter, which you can print from ICA’s SOLAR system. For international students from visa-required countries to Singapore, please present the printed copy of your IPA letter together with a valid passport to the Duty Officer at the Immigration Checkpoint when arriving Singapore, as it will serve as a single-entry visa. An electronic Visit Pass (e-Pass) will be issued to you through email in replacement of inked endorsement stamps on the passport.

    Details on the completion of Student’s Pass formalities are set out in the respective Registration Guides (or information leaflets sent by the Department).

    Students who do not have a valid Student's Pass by the stipulated deadline will be liable for warning first; and subsequent dismissal from NUS if they do not heed the warning within 7 days. Their Student's Pass will also be cancelled.

    IMPORTANT: Overstaying is a punishable offence under the Immigration Act. Students who have overstayed in Singapore will be subjected to a composition of fine or even prosecution in Court. Students are to ensure that they have a valid pass for their stay in Singapore at all times to avoid being charged for overstaying.

    Please take note of the following:

    • Expiry dates of the IPA letter/ e-Pass 
      • You will need to complete the Student's Pass formalities before the IPA letter, or the validity of the e-Pass expires, whichever is earlier
      • Please refer to the following if your IPA or Social e-Pass is expiring/has expired:
        Scenario Actions to be Taken
        I am currently overseas and have yet to complete my Student’s Pass formalities, but my IPA is expiring/has expired.  Submit re-application for your Student’s Pass (STP):
          • Undergraduate Students: Submit your request here
          • Graduate Research Students: Complete this form and email to
          • Graduate Coursework Students: Approach Faculty/Department for assistance
          • Note: You may write to ICA at to request for refund of processing and issuance fees, subject to review on a case by case basis.
        I am currently in Singapore, but my IPA will be expiring before I can complete my Student’s Pass formalities.
        1. Submit re-application for STP via:
          • Undergraduate Students: Submit your request here
          • Graduate Research Students: Complete this form and email to
          • Graduate Coursework Students: Approach Faculty/Department for assistance
          • Note: You may write to ICA at to request for refund of processing and issuance fees, subject to review on a case by case basis.


        2. Apply for extension of e-Pass while waiting for approval if e-Pass is expiring too:
          • If you are unable to submit an extension application online, please email to request for further assistance.

        I am currently in Singapore and have yet to complete my Student’s Pass formalities, but my IPA and/or e-Pass is expiring/has expired. Proceed to ICA immediately during their opening hours to complete your Student’s Pass formalities.
    • Extension of Student’s Pass
      • You will need to apply for an extension of your Student's Pass at least one month before it expires. For full-time students, please note that you will be deemed to be residing illegally in Singapore if you do not have a valid Student’s Pass.
    • Surrender of Student’s Pass
      • You will need to surrender your Student’s Pass for cancellation within 7 days of the date of cessation or termination of studies.
      • For students who are Conferred/Awarded or will be Conferred/Awarded their degrees, please refer to the Graduation webpage for more details on cancellation/surrender of your Student’s Pass (Under ‘Important Actions for Conferred/Awarded Students’).
      • Please refer to the Office of Student Affairs website for more details on cancellation of Student’s Pass

    For more information on Student’s Pass matters, please refer to the Office of Student Affairs’ website.

    Part-time international students are not eligible for the Student's Pass and should hold a valid work pass to stay in Singapore.

    Singapore’s Travel and Safe Management Measures
    Singapore has stepped down border restrictions for COVID-19. However, travellers planning to enter Singapore must still comply with the prevailing Entry as well as Public Health Requirements listed in the ICA | Entering Singapore webpage and the MOH website. Travellers can refer to for travel-related enquiries.

    NUS Safe Management Measures
    Students to refer to the Office of Risk Management & Compliance website for the latest COVID-19 Circulars.