Aptitude Based Admissions

The University is adopting a holistic approach to assess applicants for admissions into their chosen degree programmes. This means that besides academic grades, other factors, such as the applicant’s interest, aptitude, and prior preparation, will also be used to admit the applicant.

This holistic assessment subsumes the Aptitude-Based Admission of earlier years. All applicants for all degree programmes will now be required to list up to three of their achievements, or co-curricular activities, or non-academic activities (e.g. volunteering work, competitive sports) and to answer short response questions, besides providing their grades.

Examples of relevant achievements you may indicate include (but are not limited to):
  • Medals won at the International Olympiads (Biology, Chemistry, Informatics, Mathematics and Physics)
  • Representing Singapore in arts or sports competitions
  • Active participation in community service and volunteering work
  • Internship or substantial work experience that is related to your degree choices
  • Key leadership positions in community service, or sports/arts associations, outside the school environment
  • Leading role in entrepreneurship efforts
  • Creation of a new software or app, or contribution to an open-source software, that is used by many people

Note that each College / Faculty / School considers different factors for its holistic assessment. If you are shortlisted, you may be asked to provide additional information specific to that College / Faculty / School, or be required to take a test, or to go for an interview. These will be communicated to you at the appropriate time.

Click here to view a sample of the mandatory short response questions.